You Haven’t Found Your Financial Partner Yet?

Some of the most sensitive things that are strongly and closely held by the hearts of many are finances. If an investor lacks quality advice from his financial partner than he is doomed to making wrong investment moves that will ruin his financial journey. It is always advisable to carry out a thorough research before settling on a certain bank that will be your financial partner in directing you to your investment plans. Many in Dallas, Texas have fallen in love with the financial services rendered by the unstoppable NexBank Capital Inc. With this bank, many people have their future financial life guaranteed.

After completing the placement process of its fixed-to-floating rate notes to various qualified investors and institutions valued at $54 million, which was conducted by Sandler O’Neil & Partners L.P. NexBank is focused on its next process of utilizing the proceeds from the offering for various corporate services. According to the bank, once the notes are placed, they will mature by 2027 by the end of September. In addition, the notes are not callable until 5 years are past which is accompanied by a fixed rate of 6.375% for that period. The notes are in BBB investment grade rating according to Kroll Bond Rating Agency and hence qualify to be in Tier 2 capital.

The notes by the NexBank may not be sold in the United States because they are not registered in the Securities Act. NexBank basically is focused to cater for the needs of their clients who include corporations, institutions, and financial institutions. Using its three main fundamental business functions which include: mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking, the bank is a great financial partner to many.

In their institutional banking services, they lender help to various financial institutions to enable them grow. They help them in treasury management so as to increase their productivity, in public funds, investment banking and even offer real estate advisory services. In their commercial banking services, they help their clients secure the financing they require to fund their operations and facilitate long-term development. They are committed to offering the society some banking opportunities that have attractive yields. NexBank is well known for also providing agency services.