The First Ever SEC Whistleblower Program

Labaton Sucharow is a legal advisory firm and established the very first whistleblower program to exclusively focus on advocating and protecting the individuals who want to report any type of violations committed against the federal securities laws. Over the years, some of the most prominent and groundbreaking cases have been dealt which has led to significant SEC enforcement actions and notable whistleblower awards.

The Merill Lynch Settlement of $415 million for the misuse of customer’s funds in order to generate profit for itself in 2016 was a huge deal. The financial services firm even failed to protect customer securities from the appeals of its creditors. Some of the whistleblowers who reported the violations to the SEC were represented by Labaton Sucharow.

A Labaton client in 2016 was awarded $17 million for giving critical information to the Commission and the information provided was of significant help to the SEC in its investigation. In history, it’s one of the largest awards, but the client chose to stay anonymous and his decision was respected.

The idea behind the creation of the program was to have a platform in which the clients can trust and be the change agents of the society. The financial markets are plagued with corporate scandals, the status quo wasn’t helping and the law enforcement needed the help of private individuals to efficiently and effectively police the financial market. Therefore, Congress authorized the SEC Whistleblower Program which provides the option to report violations anonymously, has excellent employment protection and there are monetary rewards.

The program has former SEC and DOJ prosecutors who have ample experience in the federal law enforcement and no one can come close to what this SEC Whistleblower law firm offers. Their team knows that strong securities cases are built by running investigations, understanding the federal securities law to its core and running investigations.

Their research team is one of a kind and they believe in rigorous analysis, has an in-house team of investigators, analysts, and accountants that are led by FBI agents. Since the securities laws are complex, SEC whistleblowers can only be brought justice by SEC whistleblower lawyers know how to build strong securities enforcement cases. They are an extremely selective practice because they only accept less than 12 cases every year because they want to focus their full energy that ultimately leads to successful results.

The greatest measure of success for them is the relationship with their clients and the results. The SEC Whistleblower program also takes pride in their team who are the best in the game.