The Custom Company Inc. Founder Perry Mandera’s Devoiton to Helping Young People

The Customs Company Inc. founder Perry Mandera is devoted to serving the greater good. In 1975 he joined the Marine Corp. Reserves. While in the Corp., he learned the skill upon which he would build a successful business; driving trucks.


After being honorably discharged Perry Mandera worked for other trucking companies. The second transportation company he founded was Northlake, Illinois based The Customs Company Inc. CCI satisfies the logistical and cartage needs of customers ranging from the smallest independent business to the largest corporation (Tumblr).


Perry Mandera’s devotion to public service prompted him to run for Ward Committeeman representing Chicago’s 26th Ward. A Republican, he held that office for four-years.


A philanthropist first and foremost the list of charities and causes that Perry Mandera supports are numerous. A partial list includes Cancer research and education, veteran advocacy, and youth charities. His devotion to all charitable causes is obvious, but Perry Mandera seems especially devoted to helping young people.


On September 6, 2017, Mr. Mandera posted a blog focusing on an organization that provides a safe haven for abused and neglected children, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. The entry focused on volunteers from paint manufacturer AkzoNobel teaching the residents at Mercy Home’s Hay Campus sustainable gardening.


The volunteers from AkzoNobel worked side by side with residents and Mercy Home employees to resurrect the campus’ flower and vegetable gardens. Dubbed “Green Thumbs for a Greener World” the exercise was intended to teach the youths residing at Mercy Home about self-sufficiency, their responsibility to society, and the environment.


Perry Mandera actively supports the Illinois State Crime Commission. A blog entry he made in November of last year outlined one of the ISCC purposes. A not-for-profit the ISCC takes a proactive approach to reducing crime stats. This is done by reaching out to at-risk youth and providing them with positive uses for their free time like joining a Police Athletic League.


The ISCC teaches both police and youths how to interact positively with each other. Perry Mandera’s efforts on behalf of the ISCC earned him the Bishop Sheil and Citizen of the Year Award

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