Stream Energy Supplies Industry With Renewable Energy

Are you interested in eco-friendly energy? Would you like to be a part of an industry that rewards their customers for referrals? Stream Energy is new to the industry with the benefits of giving their customers a sustainable energy source at a price they can afford. They were one of the first in the industry to answer to a stabilized energy network (ReporterExpert). Founded by business professionals, Pierre Koshajki and Roy Snyder, Stream was brought to fruition at a time when energy was being deregulated in Dallas. Their daily operations are overseen by the president, Larry Mondry, voted in by the Stream Energy board of directors.


Stream Energy is committed to giving back to the customers and communities they serve. They have been able to reward their customers with over $1 million dollars in real money for referring their friends and family to the network. Stream asks their customers to refer their services as a trusted network and not just for a reward. They also offer the same incentive to their associates through a commission program allowing them to receive benefits for referring other customers and associates to the Stream Energy renewable energy source (


Texas was hit hard by the inclement weather as a result of global warming. ┬áStream Energy was there to help when they were being threatened with increased and decreased temperatures with many green energy programs to help them save money. They were one of the first to respond to the threat of global warming in Texas to rebuild their communities and businesses. You’re invited to visit the Stream Energy website for more details today.