SKOUT Survey Exposes Kindness in Young People

Though it seems like most people are in favor of practicing general courtesy and kindness in their daily lives, thus perpetuating a like attitude in those around them, many speculate that such a behavior is held only by a minority of people, and perhaps even less so among young people. But is that really the case? Or can young people surprise us when their acts of kindness are measured.

SKOUT, a social media app that seeks to connect people and form real bonds between them, surveyed an approximate 2,700 of their users regarding acts of kindness in their lives, how they react when they’re shown kindness and how they put them in action towards others. According to respondents, the vast majority of whom are college students, 93% of SKOUT users have performed an act of kindness for a stranger, and 52% perform an act of kindness daily.

SKOUT went about collecting this data from its users by asking how they felt when an act of kindness was performed in their favor and what kinds of acts they themselves were willing to commit. Of the responses ranked, those that registered the highest were rather common, such as sending messages of thanks to friends or loved ones, tipping generously at restaurants, donating to charity through donation boxes and jars and unexpectedly purchasing gifts for another.

These numbers and responses are encouraging for those who may have been pessimistic as to the state of general kindness in their society, chiefly among young people. And, to allay their concerns further, SKOUT is continuing to spread kindness as a reminder to all of its users. #SKOUTkind is a hashtag the app is using to get its millions of users, spread out in over 180 countries, to carry out acts of kindness s they go about their day and share their stories of good deeds with those in their social circle.

But SKOUT isn’t content to just ask people to do things and not get involved. Just last month, SKOUT employees helped out one of their local food banks in San Francisco, collecting food for the homeless to be distributed through SF-Marin Food Bank.

SKOUT is a social discovery app that connects users, both for networking and dating, to others in their general area. One of the first social networking apps made available for mobile, SKOUT has collected more then 500 million users as of 2013.

SKOUT is available on smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android operating systems.