Securus Technologies Moving the Network Industry through Smart Collaborations

Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986. The company specializes in technology in the US prisons and is based in Dallas Texas. I have found out that the main aim of Securus Technologies is to connect and serve by giving information, investigating, biometric analysis, in-mate service, information management, and public information. Its focus lies on joining what matters. In the past years, Securus Technologies provide telephone services to Inmates in the US prisons. The rates were on a high compared to those of general public. The company introduced a system that controlled contraband cell phones sometime last year. The company received approval from over five departments in different correctional facilities. Among the achievements, Securus Technologies has done been able to achieve been the announcement of a wireless technology developed to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to different mobile networks.


In past Securus Technologies have the made definitive moves to acquire the leading technological company known as JPay. The two groups came together and combined their products and services to enable both companies to obtain maximum benefits of the different products and services that synchronize in a complimentary way for the users. Securus technologies were in a position to offer high tech softwares easily. The software’s were highly functional to the correctional agencies as they were used in the operations of the jails and the prisons. In collaboration with Securus Technologies, JPay’s develops revolutionary products that gain massive adaptation on a broad scale. The development takes much less time compared to when JPay worked single-handedly.


Securus Technologies maintains the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for purposes that include; correction and monitoring, public safety and investigation among other solutions. The company received a Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating accreditation. Securus Technologies also made an establishment in-house domestic call centers of 220 seats. The move was achieved in the largest industry. This progression enabled Securus to have more control over the customer service management and also helped the company in the implementation of the required standards of BBB that saw the firm becomes accredited. The company now prides itself in satisfaction score of about 4.3 in a range of 5.