Securus Technologies: Doing Business from Communications to Payments Processing

Securus Technologies has been around for decades. They have been the longest partner for some of the correctional facilities in North America. In total, there are more than one million prisoners that are being serviced by Securus Technologies, and these prisoners are all detained in more than 3,000 correctional facilities in America. They are known for selling gadgets and devices to inmates for them to call their loved ones outside or to entertain themselves, using it as a radio or TV. One of the highlights of the products introduced by Securus Technologies is the video calling technology believed to be the fastest on Earth. Because of how speedy it was, even the government is planning to create satellites which would use the video calling technology from Securus Technologies. There are also reports that the jail authorities are thinking about remove the traditional face to face visits and replace it with a TV screen. In late 2018 and early 2018, Securus Technologies decided to change its paths and acquired GovPayNet.



GovPayNet is a private company which processes payments directed to the government. The system can be used to pay for fines, fees, taxes and bail, and all other payments that are under the government agencies. GovPayNet originated as a simple system developed by a county sheriff in 1997. The sheriff had a problem – he could no longer track down the people who were paying their fees and fines, so he asked a computer literate person and asked the individual to create a program. After weeks of trial and error, the program that the county sheriff wanted was finally created. He called it GovPayNet, and it helps him manage all of the students and their payment information.



GovPayNet is the preferred payment method of almost 26% of all American counties. They liked how the user interface is navigable enough, and the website can also accept credit and debit cards. The acquisition of Securus Technologies with GovPayNet will be the topic of business experts in the United States. They will once again predict something bad about the economy of the United States to provide the president.