Securus Technologies Cracking Down on Gang Violence

Our prison has the highest population of violent gangs in the state. On any given day, we have dozens of gangs and thousands of gang members, all sharing a very small space within the jail. When one person gets out of line, whether intentional or not, it could spark a riot that puts each person in the jail in serious danger. My team of corrections officers have to be working tirelessly to make sure that we keep the peace and prevent problems ling before they are ignited.


Even when my team is able to keep the peace and all the gang members in the jail keep to themselves, there could still be plans in the works to take down a rival gang member for a variety of reasons. If the gang leader feels that his group has been disrespected by a low-level rival gang member, he could put out the call that one of his soldiers takes action in the jail to send that person a message.


In order to try and stop communications between the gang members inside and outside the jail, we monitor the calls very closely. With the amount of inmates and calls made daily, you would think it be near impossible to listen to every word of every call. That used to be the case, until be brought in Securus Technologies to update our telephone call monitoring system. Now the LBS software can do the work of a dozen officers, listening to calls and monitoring for specific chatter.


This year already, we got alerts a gang member was on the phone ordering a soldier on the street to bring a weapon to the visitor center and hand over. Calls like that are dealt with in real-time, allowing us to stop potential violence before anyone gets hurt.