Save On International Calling with FreedomPop

Nobody likes paying the over the top fees for international mobile phone usage. However, major phone carriers have been overcharging consumers for years. Some larger companies have started to cut back, but FreedomPop, a startup mobile phone service provider that has been growing in recent years due to the inexpensive services it offers, is providing a service that no other major carrier can match. All of this comes from the recent $50 million the company raised in order to put towards the cheap global roaming for world travelers.

So what all is this new service able to provide? Well, there are two parts to it. First of all, when someone pays the entry $49.99, they receive access to the global hotspot network. This connects to wireless networks throughout 25 different countries. With this access, individuals can make unlimited phone calls, send unlimited text messages and use unlimited data with the Wi-Fi network. The second feature is through a $10 SIM card. The SIM card allows customers to use up to 200 MB worth of data every month free of charge after the purchase of the SIM. For customers who need more coverage, they can spring for 500 MB more at $10 a clip.

The best thing about this international travel feature is someone who doesn’t currently use FreedomPop for their U.S. wireless service can easily purchase the SIM card and slide it into their SIM based mobile phone. This gives it a new international number and still allows them to use their current mobile phone. Then, should they want to maintain their current number and mobile phone service, all they need to do is slip out the FreedomPop international SIM and slide in their own. All of this allows individuals to save a substantial amount of money while traveling internationally.