Oncotarget Maximizes the Impact of Medical Research

Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors, but also includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. This area of study is filled with experts who have specialties in this field and are dedicated to the study of oncology. Research in the biomedical sciences can be competitive as researchers strive to gain sponsorship and credit for the work they’ve done. Oncotarget provides an excellent go-between for people in this field since they can still expand the effects of their research through an open access peer reviewed journal.Oncotarget has the goal of a life without disease and was first established in 2010 and published by Impact Journals. This medical journal is open access, meaning anyone can have access to the peer reviewed papers published weekly. The concept behind Oncotarget is to have a greater impact on research and to bring down the walls between specialties.

When it comes to the world of oncology, specialties are often separated and rarely communicate with each other. This can make spreading information between them nearly impossible, especially when there is a sense of competition among researchers. Oncotarget provides the right platform for researchers to be able to come in and have access to information they may not have known otherwise. This brings down the walls between specialties and helps to lead to exceptional discoveries in the world of oncology.Oncotarget is focused on maximizing the impact of the research done by professionals in the medical and biomedical sciences.

They understand the kind of impact an exceptional discovery can be made in the medical community and how vital it is to have access to the information. The online medical journal publishes papers weekly online and each issue or paper can also be printed on special demand.Scientific results can become more readily available to professionals and maximize the results for these discoveries. Eliminating the borders between specialties is the first step towards fostering applications between clinical and basic science to help combat disease. The success of the medical journal has even prompted Oncotarget to begin accepting other peer reviewed papers published in the medical sciences.