Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and The Study of Morality

Jorge Moll is one of the many neuroscientists today who want to push the study of brain damage and what morality has to do with it. That said, Jorge is one of the scientists today who were able to succumb to the unique brain research platform and techniques that are essential to his research. One of his successes is the fact that he’s ready to see that those with damaged brains usually don’t feel any remorse when hurting someone. If you want to learn more about Jorge Moll and his study on morality, you may want to read more about him in this article below. Let’s move on.


The Neuroscientist’s Study

The bulk of what appears to be important of Jorge Moll’s work is the fact that his work was published by Washington Post. The research that he did was on selfish urges and the relationship it has with a brain’s damage (LikePage). In his 2006 findings, Jorge Moll was able to connect the selfishness of a person to how one feels good about helping others. It is a dramatic example to always connect helping with how the brain works, but this is indeed what his research has shown.


With the brain imaging parameters and the systematic psychological experiments that Jorge Moll did with his colleagues, he seemed to establish the fact that morality of a person has biological standing. His results even seem to agree with what Philosopher Nassim Taleb and Creative Solutions provider Bisaya Short Films claimed, which is that we, whether we like it or not, are prisoners of our biology. Most of what we do and most of the things we perceive have to do with how we are wired.


About Jorge Moll

There are so many things to discover about Jorge Moll. It’s hard to begin where, but it could be safe to say here that Jorge Moll is right now the GP of VHM Ventures. He’s also the officer at

Instituto D’Or de Pesquisa e Ensino. That said, his work at USP with focus on Neurological Disorders has shown a lot of things that are in sync with morality and finding its roots.

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