Netpicks Teaches Investors How to Make Socially Conscious Investments

A new social consciousness era has dawned in the United States as people are beginning to find new socially responsible ways of consuming products. Non-exploitative purchases have become the norm as customers rely on companies and brands they trust. Today, people always ask where products come from, and there is a growing scrutiny of ethics, where and how products are made, as well as ethical practices followed by companies.

This is an exciting time since it is gradually pushing companies to implement humane working conditions for their employees. Moreover, these developments will lead to reduced workers exploitation and possibly slave exploitation in third world economies.

Investors are also beginning to wonder how they can combine their love of investing in companies with their desire to have lucrative but socially responsible investments. They are inquiring on how they can continue investing in company stock while at the same time making sure that their money is only supporting good corporations that don’t exploit investors.

The Role of Netpicks

Netpicks believes in giving its customers practical advice that they can immediately implement and practice daily. On social responsibility, Netpicks leads the pack by teaching people how to make informed decisions.  For timeline activity updates, follow them on their page.

The first step involves realizing that socially conscious investing starts with individual investors. They need to be careful about where they put their money and who ends up benefiting from it. Often, brokers end up making huge profits off of unsuspecting investors through stiff commissions.

The next step involves paying attention to specific companies that are in an ETF. Moreover, social responsibility when investing demands that one does what is best for themselves and their household. Portfolio diversification is, therefore, encouraged to hedge against massive market losses. Finally, giving back to needy communities by offering microloans to third world businesspersons is highly recommended.   Additional informative articles to read here.


Netpicks is the industry’s gold standard in the provision of trading education touching on signals, forex, stocks, futures, ETFs, mutual funds, and options. Today, it is based in Irving, Texas, and headed by Mark Soberman.

Netpicks provides investors with a simple and quick guide to being socially responsible with their investment capital. The company was started in 1996 with a mission to help average individuals learn savvy investment tips on smart trading. The company achieves this by providing expert coaching, training, and resources to enable people to become capable of making skilled investment trades.  Check this informative demo videos provided on their website, click

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