Keith Mann Supports NY Students By Helping Raise $22,000

If you don’t know who Keith Mann is, you should. He is the vibrant leader, founder, and CEO of DSP (Dynamics Search Partners). He recently helped raise an incredible $22K for school kids in NY schools in partnership with an organization called Uncommon Schools.

Uncommon Schools focuses on paying for resources for testing for high school students. This includes tests like the PSAT and AP tests for various courses and even college acceptance. In addition, they used vital funds to help construct a new Brooklyn based high school, which was badly needed. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Keith Mann stepped up by donating $10,000 right off the bat. This was to ensure that every student would have access to the resources they needed to succeed.

The reason for this giving back is that Mann and Uncommon Schools are on a mission together to help students. They are committed, and have been since their partnership began officially back in 2013, to doing whatever it takes to raise money for NY schools and get students into positions of success in high school, college, and after. Mann says he is excited for the possibilities that the future will bring these young students.

Over 15 years ago, Keith Mann began working the financial executive search industry. He has always wanted to help people, and that is what has motivated his actions. He worked his way up through various companies before founding his own. He began as a manager and then Vice Presient at Dynamic Associates, which helps financial firms with executive search functions. After that, he was the managing director at Dynamics Executive Search.

In 2002, he was already seeing the trends that hedge funds were going to become more popular. He also noticed that apparently their meets were going unmet. While he was with his previous companies, he led from within by forming and managing different branches that offered executive hedge fund services. Finally, when he formed his own firm (DSP) in 2009, he decided to focus exclusively on this market. Because of this, they enjoy happy clients around the world, including Europe and Asia.