Josh Verne Talks About the Importance of Passion to Succeed

Josh Verne has been in the entrepreneurial world for more than two decades. During this time, he has seen the rise of several ventures that he has been part of. He is very experienced in starting and selling businesses in the United States of America. His two most successful ventures are the and In these two firms, he played the role of the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder. His most favorite quote about success is a quote by Jonathan Swift that says vision is the ability to see what others cannot see. Josh Verne likes to read and his most favorite book at the moment is Made in America and the Rocky. Some few months ago, Josh Verne spoke to Andrew Ferebee of knowledge for men on some few tips about how to succeed in life. Here are some of the tips that the two gentlemen spoke of.


To succeed in life, a person has to be a leader and not a boss. These are the words of entrepreneur Josh Verne. He further continues to say that people in the managerial position can take either of the stands. According to Josh Verne’s perspective, a boss is an individual who demands respect and uses his/her way to get things done. The bosses put their interests above those of the team. On the other hand, a leader respects the team, and the team respects him/her back. Josh talked about the way that everything needs to be a win-win situation for everyone. He further elaborates this saying that everyone who is part of any deal should benefit. Josh says that people who settle for such win-win situations end up coming up with the best deals or solutions for their client’s problems.


Josh then spoke to the knowledge for men about the importance of speaking less and listening more. He emphasized this by joking that it’s the reason we have two ears and one mouth. By speaking less, you give your words more power when you speak. The other thing that Josh spoke about is the importance of having a balanced life. To succeed in life, your relationship, wealth, health and even personal growth should go hand in hand; you should record some significant growth in every sector.


Finally, to make it in life, Josh insisted on the importance of having a passion and pursuing it to the fullest. Passion is what makes you keep motivated. While most people have passions, not all have made it in life. That was the parting shot that Josh Verne had for his listeners.

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