Jose Manuel Gonzalez’s Race to Parliament

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a household name both in politics and entrepreneurship in Venezuela. Jose has served as the deputy in the national assembly of the Guárico state since 2010. He is currently running for the gubernatorial seat in the same state. He is famously known for being outspoken and freely expressing crucial views regarding the leadership in Venezuela. Always fighting for the rights of the people, he wants the government to change some of its policies to better the lives of its citizens.

Jose Manuel Gonzales excels in agribusiness, a skill which previously earned him a position as the president of the Venezuelan federation of chambers and association of commerce (FEDECAMARAS) in the year 2007. He also served as the president of national federation of ranches (FEDENAGA) in Venezuela. Jose Manuel’s previous appointments in the public service makes him competent enough to lead the Guárico state.

Views on Food Importation in Venezuela

Jose Manuel strongly believes that bad management is what’s responsible for the deterioration of local food production in Venezuela. The country currently depends on food imports which José believes is ironical. Using the correct methods, the government would be able to tap resources found within the country and importation will be a thing of the past. Offering incentives to the people will encourage more people to go into farming. It will also put a stop to the current trend of farmers secretly selling their produce to neighboring countries like Columbia.

Views on Insecurity

Jose Manuel hopes that the government will try to put a stop to the worrying trends of insecurity in Venezuela. More people are falling victim to kidnappings and extortion due to the high levels of insecurity. He believes that strengthening security will attract investors to the country.

Views on Reinstating Private Property

Jose Manuel believes that to help with economic growth, the government should reinstate private property back to the people. This will encourage the people to invest more in their land.

Views on Fuel Importation

Jose wants the government to stop spending resources importing fuel when Venezuela is has enough oil, reserves. If the government revives the local oil industry it would have more money to spend on its citizens. That will give Venezuela an advantage of being a self reliant country.