Jason Hope, Politics, Philanthropy and Aging

Jason Hope is an Arizona entrepreneur who is anything but lazy. He’s a technology buff who is anything but apathetic about matters that involve changes in contemporary society as well. People only have to look at his actions for a quick minute to realize that. He’s a person who puts his money where his mouth is. Aging is a subject that is of great interest to Hope. That’s the reason he concentrates on studies that can potentially lead to more information about human beings and the aging process. He gave the SENS Foundation a half a million dollar donation back in 2010. Aubrey de Grey is the SENS Foundation’s Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder. Hope’s sizable donation did a lot for the group, to put it mildly. It gave the foundation the chance to construct the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The organization did more than construct this center. It secured equipment and tools for it, too. Hope thinks that groups such as the SENS Foundation are vital in this day and age. He thinks that the SENS Foundation tackles managing the aging process in a creative and fascinating way. He states that this group concentrates on locating disease concepts that deconstruct the human body. Lung disease, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease have one big thing in common. They influence the body’s plentiful processes. Standard medications zero in on managing these diseases once they get the opportunity to occur. Jason Hope, however, has the desire to think about actually preventing them.

Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale in Arizona. He’s without a doubt an entrepreneur. He’s also a hard-working investor, philanthropist and even futurist. He admires technology in its many diverse forms. He is fond of doing excellent things for humankind overall as well.

Arizona is Jason Hope’s gorgeous home state. He was brought up in the city of Tempe. He went to Arizona State University in order to get a finance degree. He went to the institution’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope also has an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree under his belt.

Jason Hope is always pondering all facets of business topics. He’s also always contemplating philanthropic subjects that intrigue him. He even cares a lot about politics. He likes to learn about political concepts that revolve around Arizona as a state. He likes to learn about political topics that revolve around the United States in general, too.

Jason Hope info: international.uky.edu/ihss/staff/jason-hope