Investing Responsibly: Netpick’s Guide on the Top Aspects to Keep in Mind

More than ever before, people are beginning to associate themselves with companies that are socially responsible. Accordingly, companies are being pushed to adopt only ethical practices in their operations—exploitation of employees, child labor, poor working conditions, and other unethical practices are highly shunned. As an investor, how do you ensure that you are investing in good companies? According to Netpicks, here are a few aspects to consider:

Go For Low Cost Brokerage Companies, Work With Socially Responsible Companies, Diversify Your Portfolio, Consider a MicroloanAbout Netpicks

  • Go For Low Cost Brokerage Companies: Be very careful with where your money is going. To save much, it is prudent to partner with brokerage companies that charge flat rate fees. This will give you an opportunity to use your profits to do good and not to pay off a broker.
  • Work With Socially Responsible Companies: Do a background check on the firms that are listed in an ETF. Ensure that the companies you choose to work with are not exploitative in any way and are not using shortcuts to make profits.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio: Irrespective of how lucrative an ETF, sector or a company’s stock may appear, you should be disciplined to spread your money around.
  • Consider a Microloan: to really give back with your investments, you need to start thinking on giving microloans to people in the third world countries to empower them to do business.

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