How To Be As Successful As CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

Steve Murray, the former CEO and President of CCMP Capital always believed that great things could be learnt from great role models. Thankfully, during his lifetime, he not only watched himself become an amazing role model to budding entrepreneurs all over the world but also ensured that CCMP Capital enjoyed the same respect with other companies. Both CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray have set up stepping stones – in way of their life story – for those people who are struggling to start a successful business and kickstart their career as an entrepreneur or head of a big company.

Here are 10 ways in which companies and their heads can be as successful as Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital –

Great Brands Have Belief – Steve Murray loved his job and he was proud to be helping so much people through it. He spread the gift of financial acumen around among his clients and even after his passing, CCMP Capital continues to maintain that legacy. This is what separates great companies and their heads from others – they have belief in their value adding abilities and that means that half the battle is won.

Have A Plan B – Stephen Murray, when he was leading CCMP Capital, always kept a Plan B in his pocket because he knew that even the greatest minds can make mistakes. The stupid thing would be to ignore those mistakes and continue on the wrong path and companies should avoid doing that.

Be Radical – A small innovation would have hundred similar ones popping up, whether it is in services or manufacturing. CCMP Capital always had the idea to be radically better than all their competitors and they did that because Stephen Murray always believed in big changes. He motivated his members to always accept change with arms wide open and never think small.

Imitation Is Flattering But It Shouldn’t Lead To Slumps – There would always be copycats everywhere, no matter how out of the box an idea may be. This is why big companies like CCMP Capital experience that initial taste of success through innovation but don’t stop after that. After every big innovation, Stephen Murray made sure that his team members weren’t falling into a slump and he kept the goal of “continuous betterment” in their steps.

Business is a game of true control and Stephen Murray proved during his life that this can only be achieved by being a great leader who listens to team members and grows with time. recently posted a report on Steve Murray’s death at age 52.