How the Internet of Things Will Impact the Future According to Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, Futurist and a philanthropist. As a philanthropist, he believes and focuses on disease cure, scientific research, and biotechnology. Jason Hope holds a degree in bachelor of Science specialty in Finance and master’s degree from Arizona state university. He has a vast interest in the businesses that deal with technology and computer information science and has been an entrepreneur in a company known as mobile technology since the year 2004.He also began Jawa which is a mobile communications company.

Jason has a reputation as a futurist especially concerning internet of thing (IoT) and uses his know-how to predict ideas about the future of the internet. He is also passionate about how anti-aging process can help reduce diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson.

Jason has several publications on the future of internet of things. He severally has written articles, especially in the Tech.Co website about the IoT which is a connection of various devices and synchronizing the devices. These are devices will be in use for day and day activities like kitchen appliances, street lights, cars and electronic devices. Synchronizing the devices will ensure the devices share data and communicate to increase efficiencies and reduce waste. The internet will assist in emergency responses and keep track of accidents, collecting more accurate data. Jason believes the internet of things is a significant investment and it’s imperative for a corporation to take it up. Jason has based his company Java on the Internet of things and it’s the future of technology. He believes embracing technology will reduce waste and increase effectiveness.

Jason is passionate about making the world a better place. He gave a donation of $500 to Sens foundation which is a company that goes beyond treatment but also uses technology to reverse the aging processes foundation is working to reverse chronic diseases. The donation is something Jason describes as the most satisfying. He has also been part of an organisation that supports education in and out of class and those that support disease control and cures. These organizations include boys and girls metropolitan club in Phoenix, leukaemia and Lymphoma society, The Tony Hawk Foundation, The Andre Agassi Foundation, Family Health International, Mark Walberg foundation, worldwide orphan’s foundations, T gen foundation, Teach for American foundation, international foundation for education among others. Jason also holds advisory positions in the Arizona Science center. Jason’s believe in the internet of things is well researched and well grounded.

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