Guilherme Paulus: The Tourism Industry’s Genius

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC) is a Brazilian based tourism company. Offering a wide selection of all things tourism, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. (CVC) offers both domestic and international tourism packages. We take a deeper look at the man who co-founded the company.

Guilherme Paulus
Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of the internationally recognized tourism company, CVC. In an article, it is said that he co-founded the company at age twenty-four with Mr. Vicente Cerchiari in 1972. The article begins with a brief account of a time when Guilherme Paulus was once an IBM employee. After his time there, his leadership paved the way for his tourism company to be recognized as “the largest tour operator in Latin America.”

CVC’s Beginnings and Where They Are At Today
Next, in the article, it discusses that CVC began in São Paulo, a place where Mr. Guilherme Paulus was born. Today, the company’s revenue growth exceeded $5 Billion US Dollars and with ambitions to continue growth with an additional “100 stores every year.” The article also briefly mentions integration with “online vendors” with brick and mortar stores.

With his company reaching international recognition, Mr. Paulus’ humanitarian efforts include the PIET project. Its main goal is to offer disadvantage youth educational opportunities in the tourism industry. Along with educational possibilities, Mr. Paulus and his company also makes monetary donations to various institutions to help provide poor communities medical care and counseling.

The article moves on to talk about Mr. Paulus’ achievements. France has recognized him as an “important developer of tourism throughout France” in 2012. His achievements also include “Personality of the Year” and “Entrepreneur of the Year,” both of which were separately awarded by separate entities.

The article ends with his desire to create more jobs for the Brazilian people by creating more hotels and resorts. It describes the various “starred” hotel groups which include a condo-hotel that was awarded “best golf hotel”.