Growth of Handy Home Cleaning Services.

There is an increase in demand for online home repair and cleaning services making the venture more lucrative for Handy. After some of their strategies failing, the top managers of decided to take the painful path to profitability. The firm experienced an exponential growth in income and two years after its launch; it hit over $1million demand for the cleaning services per week. The company’s app comes with edge cutting features that offer a better model for both customers and service professionals. The app offers the clients an ample time. With the new app, cleaning professionals do not have to worry about cleaning time since all they need to do pick the hours they will be available and get a better hourly income. The dynamic industry environment makes the firm to not only redefine their steps by new branding but also develope new apps for mobile devices.

With the increased demand for services of the company, Handy cleaning professionals are vetted thoroughly to ensure that the work they do would satisfy the customers. The Handy platform is a solution to the growing demand for quality home cleaning in the contemporary times. There are categories of services which one can book instantly, sit back and have the professionals clean their homes promptly. Though the process of adopting new strategies was risky, it became worth it ultimately. provides other services such as plumbing, but a large percentage of the firm’s income comes from home cleaning. The company decided to sacrifice market growth for profitability and reduced the cost of customer acquisition significantly. Exemplary services to the clients make them satisfied hence fewer contacts with the customer support staff. The company is growing and is currently in 25 cities in the United States and two in Canada. There are about 5000 professionals of the firm that complete at least one cleaning job in a month.