Glen Wakeman’s Business Success and His Tips to a Successful Business

Glen Wakeman is both the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. He is mostly known for his successful career in finance. Glen is not only a successful financial services executive, but he is also an investor, a business owner, and an executive mentor. His background spans 21 years, and he is passionate about helping others to reach their potential as business owners.


In order to achieve success in his career, Glen uses a methodology that takes into account 5 important dimensions of performance. These include leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. Using these key dimensions, Glen is able to align his business strategy with his vision. He also uses technology, to enhance productivity.


Glen Wakeman’s Current Engagements


Glen is currently the President of Nova Four, a company which he also founded. The company focuses on accelerating businesses by providing strategic advice to business owners. The company also provides access to capital for those business owners who are in the process of developing their own companies. Apart from his CEO activities, Glen also helps early-stage entrepreneurs through his initiative, (SlideShare).


LaunchPad is a startup which helps entrepreneurs using online platforms. They not only offer business planning services, but they also offer digital marketing services to their customers. These services are provided through the SAAS website.


Lessons from Glen Wakeman


One of the things which Glen considers important in turning ideas into a real business is by explaining them to others ( He usually explains his ideas to people who can give him unbiased advice and criticism. In order to stay productive, and focusing on his business interests, Glen believes in the power of curiosity. He also strives to get as much feedback as he can from his customers.