Get free Mobile Data, SMS and Voice Capacity with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company based in Los Angeles, California. The founders of this company are Steven Sesar and its CEO Stephen Stokols. It works with other companies such as Intel and Partech Ventures among several others. The company seeks to expand to the UK. FreedomPop provides wireless internet as well as mobile phone services.

FreedomPop has been attracting many clients following its free mobile plans. Many people who feel that their phone bills are too high have shifted to FreedomPop according to FreedomPop review. The company got a funding of $30 million. Before then, the company had been offered various acquisition offers, which it rejected. The company’s new partner Partech Ventures has also collaborated with Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital as investors in FreedomPop. The company has managed to raise $49.3 million within three years. In this period, the company has had almost 1 million subscribers.

According to PC Magazine review of Freedompop, FreedomPop is not a wireless infrastructure owner because it is a MVNO- Mobile Virtual Network Operator. In the US, FreedomPop uses network by Sprint. It buys voice capacity, data and SMS in bulk. This is how it is able to provide services to their subscribers. To access these services, all a client has to do is get a FreedomPop phone. New models of Samsung and HTC can also connect to the network. The customers get free 500 text messages, 500 MB and 200 voice minutes each month. If the customers use more than these do, they will buy more. FreedomPop gets its profits from the sale of value-added services.

Some subscriptions are made to data rollover plan in which the unused data is carried over to the next month. There is also phone insurance in case of damages or loss of the phone. The benefits attached to using FreedomPop get even better with the providence of an international number for foreigners. This enables users to making international calls at normal rates. The anonymous browsing feature is also available for those who want privacy.

Stephen Stokols said that more than half of the subscribers buy more data, SMS or voice capacity each month. On average, the clients subscribe to two of the three services. FreedomPop gets approximately $7 dollars for each connection. As the clients continue to subscribe to FreedomPop, they will continue to make their data plans even cheaper. The aim is to provide up to 1 GB of free mobile data per month to the subscribers.