Futurist Jason Hope Focuses on Biotechnology With Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a well known futurist who has made a career out of plunging the tech industry for new innovations for years now. Jason Hope has made headlines for a lot of different concepts but most recently he is in the news for his support of two fascinating industries: biotechnology and the Internet of Things. As a futurist Jason Hope must always be looking forward and his business savvy has led him here. Let’s take a closer look at these two concepts and see what they offer the future.

We’ll start off by examining the role of biotechnology in medicine. If you were to talk to Hope for more than a few minutes you would find that he is completely faithful to the idea that biotechnology is going to be incredibly important in the coming years. In particular, Hope believes in the development of research and medication to handle age related illness and disease. Hope’s faith in these concepts led him to seeking out the SENS Foundation, a non-profit research organization that is based out of California which focuses on addressing age related disease. Hope says, “I have had great interest in the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work for some time now.” In fact, Hope believed in them so much that he donated $500,000 to their efforts.

The SENS Foundation is run by CEO Mike Kope who has been a vocal presence for some time now in the realm of biotechnology. Kope says, “We need to create an entirely new biotech industry. That’s why we created SENS Foundation.” Kope thanked Hope for his donation and went on to detail the various ways that it will help them ply their research craft going forward.

The Internet of Things is the second major concept that Jason Hope is spending his time focusing on. The Internet of Things is a vague term that hints at a larger world of technology all interlaced by their shared connection to the internet. Hope isn’t talking of ‘Star Trek’ or ‘The Jetsons’ when he talks of a completely automated world, but instead he is talking of a very real potential future. According to Jason Hope the Internet of Things could be the single greatest industry in the world within a few years. That is why he is heavily imploring larger corporations to focus on developments within that field because there is a ton of opportunity there.

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