Flavio Maluf Has Deep Roots Within Eucatex

Flavio Maluf was born on December 2, 1961 and he studied mechanical engineering at the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo. He had also spent some time working and studying abroad in New York City. He initially started working at Eucatex since 1987 and had working various positions from sales to manufacturing until 1996. In 1996, his uncle invited him to an executive position at Eucatex. After he display his work ethic and leadership qualities, they upgraded him to the President position.

When Flavio assumed control of the company, he restructured the company to fit a more modernized management structure. He is also very aggressive, passionate and a perfectionist when it comes down to business management.

Flavio’s wife is Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres, and they have been married since 1986. They had 3 children that have went on to study at schools and universities overseas. His youngest son plans on studying mechanical engineering and working at the company with his father.

The Eucatex Group has been in business since 1951 and their first large factor was in São Paulo in 1954. They are one of the few companies to start using eucalyptus as material for construction material production. They mainly started out making tiles and ceiling panels. Between the 1960’s to 1980’s, they also expanded into making metal products. By the end of the 1980’s, they were exporting various goods to 50 different countries around the world. Nowadays, they are also involved with producing paints and varnishes. They currently also have offices operating in the United States and Germany.