Dynamic Search Partners and Uncommon Schools Raise Funds

Keith Mann is the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners. Just recently, Dynamic Search Partners decided to have a special fundraising event for the Uncommon Schools. The event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Gardens. During the occasion, members from the financial services community came together and raised more than twenty-two thousand dollars for the Uncommon Schools. These funds will be used to sponsor student testing for one of the high schools opened by Uncommon School.

Uncommon Schools wants to ensure that the achievement gap is closed, and millions of students from low-income families are prepared to graduate from their college. Keith Mann and his company want to support this mission and help in providing these students and other people with an opportunity to join a good college where they can acquire education.

Just recently, Uncommon Schools announced that it was planning to open a new high school at Brooklyn. The money raised from the event will fund different student tests. Before the event was held, Dynamic Search Partners, under the leadership of Keith Mann promised ten thousand dollars to ensure that every student testing requirements were met.

Dynamics Search Partners decided to partner with the Uncommon Schools, found in New York in the year 2013. The main aim of the partnership was to develop an on -going and unique platform where students will be assisted in learning valuable and practical skills that will help them in achieving successes when they are in college and beyond. Keith Mann plays a crucial role in the commitment and innovation to academic excellence, and he looks forward to working with the students this coming year.

Keith Mann and his company are very excited about the opportunity to work with the Uncommon Schools. He says that he recently had an exclusive tour at the schools. During these tours, he had the chance to sit in the classes and meet with the seniors. He was inspired to recognize that the students in the school were motivated to join college. According to him, the students are eager to know how they can position themselves to get good colleges, internships, and employment opportunities.