Dr. Clay Siegall: Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics

The founder and current CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall, has great plans for the future of the company. Seattle Genetics is rocketing forward from its startup status as a small skeleton assemblance of researchers to become one of the true players in the fast-paced world of cancer research. Their current business consists of primarily 7 and 8 figure deals at this point; one measure of true industry success. New business is consistently being generated by a strong sales force of well-educated individuals and a stellar legal team. Seattle Genetics products include a variety of unique offerings which helps the product sell more easily.

Initially founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics began to break in to the industry with the development of the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate. The medication now has a multitude of approved indications. More medications are constantly coming down the development pipeline. Seattle Genetics paired with reputable companies including Pfizer, Bayer, Genetech, and several others in a creation of calculated partnerships.

Dr. Siegall studied zoology at the University of Maryland. In fact, while he was there he experienced the grave illness of a family member who nearly died from the effects of the chemotherapy. This experience changed Dr. Siegall and deeply moved him to feel inspired to try to determine more effective ways to treat cancer. He earned his PhD in Genetics from George Washington University and began the journey to what is now Seattle Genetics.

A credit to the old fashioned tactics of hard work and self-discipline, Dr. Siegall seems a humble man who has worked diligently to get where he is today. He believes that all of the often quoted links to success such as IQ, contacts, the school where someone graduated, and more are merely secondary to the extensive difference that can be made by implementing good work habits.