Dick DeVos Work Ethic is reflected through his Giving

If a person’s work ethic can be measured throughout his long and prosperous career. DeVos has operated major international companies, has been successful in politics, owned an NBA franchise and is a leading figure in the field of Michigan’s education system. One of his best feats is the political contributions that his wife and he makes every year to various organizations inside of Michigan and all over the U.S.


Devos and his wife Betsy has given nearly $140 million dollars to date. That is a hefty figure that is nothing to sneeze at. This Michigan based power couple has given an abundance of money to various organizations through their personal philanthropic organization which is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


This foundation was set up for the Devos’s so that they can make sizable and meaningful contributions to the organizations that they support. They send millions of dollars each year to various organizations involving education, the arts, new entrepreneurial opportunities and for helping to establish new policy for state and federal government.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy are truly connected with success and wealth. His father is Richard DeVos the billionaire business magnate that has founded Amway. Betsy father was also a very wealthy businessman as well. Dick learned about business and success throughout the years by working for his father on a professional level and in a professional manner.


Dick worked hard to ensure that he was able to run his father’s business and to effectively govern other of his enterprises as well. Devos went to Northwood University in Michigan to get his degree in business. He then worked in his father’s company within various positons throughout the years.


Another one of his great accomplishments is working on the Michigan State Board of Education. Devos, like his wife Betsy is compassionate about education. He knows how important it is for children (and adlts) to have a solid background in education. Without it, he does not see many people from the Michigan area being successful in life.


Also, like his wife Betsy, Dick is involved in politics. Back in 2006 he ran for governor for Michigan. He did not win that position but he certainly did gain mass exposure for his effort. He is still actively involved in politics. He is a major Republican Party supporter within the state of Michigan and all around the nation.


The work that Dick Devos does through his philanthropic causes and charitable contributions is very important. His work is a testament of his character as a person and his leadership as an important figure within the state of Michigan. DeVos has impacted millions of lives in the greater Michigan area; more specially in Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos is truly an inspiration in terms of his work ethic and his amazing power to give to those who are in need.