Revolutionize Your Business with NewsWatch TV

Winner of the 2017 Platinum and Gold Marcom Award, as well as the National Videographer award, and the winner of the 2016 Silver Telly, along with being nominated for a second, NewsWatch TV have a long standing reputation for excellence. Working alongside such noted Fortune 500 companies as Sony, Outback Steakhouse, and Audi, to develop segments for the aforementioned brands, or their upcoming projects, NewsWatch has honed their ability to deliver news and consumer product reports to their vast audience. With their first broadcast having taken place in March of 1990, NewsWatch TV have greatly broadened the scope of their reach twenty eight years ago, and have used this mass market appeal to help aid major corporations and small up and coming businesses alike. The series’ many broadcast years, multitude of production awards, and reputation for professionalism assure you that your in the right hands when you produce a segment with NewsWatch TV.

Just ask Contour Design, who had developed and incredible ergonomic workstation to better assist those who find their days being spent mostly at a keyboard. When Contour approached NewsWatch, they were looking for a way to launch this new product into the audience that would most likely be interested in the company’s unique design. NewsWatch TV worked with Contour Design to create a segment that was distributed to 200 US markets, resulting in the Contour clip being broadcast into 95 million homes. Needless to say, Contour Design saw an incredible boost in both sales and interest in the ergonomic workstation following the NewsWatch segment. If you’re interested in achieving the kind of results that Contour Design, and so many others, have, visit NewsWatch TV online for advertisement pricing and more details. Working with NewsWatch TV to create a segment about your brand will completely revolutionize your business.