Math Platform SOLVY Takes Off Under Current CEO

Advances in efficiency and productivity often stem from the ideas of great innovators. When educational platform SOLVY, a math education and learning tool recently hired Alexei Beltyukov as their Chief Operating Officer (C.E.O.) they made a significant investment in human capital.

Alexei Beltyukov brings to the table a wealth of experience in many different entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as a strong business acumen. Beltyukov began his career studying medicine, and later achieved an MBA from NSEAD Business School.

After forming and participating in a handful of successful start-ups, Alexei has now landed at Solvy and is charged with bringing their product lines to the forefront of public education. The company’s goal,to be carried out by their decorated leader Alexei Beltyukov is to spread the use of the Solvy math learning platform across high schools all over the country.

The highly specified and interactive learning program allows teachers to prescribe exact types of math problems that will challenge, teach and test students’ skills. As students complete each problem, Solvy maintains track of the students strengths and weaknesses, and uses this data to feed into their complex algorithm which will in turn create the next math problem for the student to tackle.

The purpose is to work on the student’s weaknesses and build the student’s skill set to the point where they can solve many types of complex math problems.

The addition of Alexei Beltyukov brings credibility, experience and new ideas to the table for Solvy. Alexei’s resume is robust and includes the formation of Endemic Capital in 2013 (an angel funding platform specifically for start ups in Russia), participation in a handful of small business assistance programs for Russian entrepreneurs, the founding of A-Ventures Ltd (a company designed to help companies that are struggling financially), and Alexei Beltyukov has done public sector work for the Russian government in the form of consulting and advising.

Beltyukov has also engaged in many philanthropic efforts, including the establishment of a scholarship fund for his alma mater, INSEAD business school.