Andy Wirth Urges Cooler Heads In Olympic Valley Incorporation

Andy Wirth recently wrote in the Reno Gazette-Journal about how he wants to have cooler heads prevail in the fight over incorporation in the Olympic Valley. There is something very important about this because it pits two sides against each other. Andy Wirth wants to protect businesses and local land owners, and the people who want to institute a new government want to incorporate everything. Olympic Valley Incorporation argument should change, and Andy Wirth believes that he can help change the tone of the conversation.

Andy Wirth owns Squaw Valley Ski and multiple lodges in the area. He practically owns one whole mountain in the area near Lake Tahoe, but he does not want to see the Olympic Valley become one large town that all sits under the same government. There are people who have lived in the area for a long time, and Andy Wirth wants to make sure that he can protect every person who has been living in the area even longer than he has.

He has a lot of employees who are counting on the paychecks that he can provide, and the people living in the area will not be able to keep their own businesses going if they are paying more taxes to a bigger government. The concern in the incorporation fight is something that everyone has taken up. Both sides have been wondering how they can get their way, but Andy Wirth wants to start over with a brand new look at the talks.

Anyone who is trying to make a change in their community can do the work along with others in their community, and someone who wants to talk with everyone should do as Andy Wirth has done. He wants to hear from everyone in the community so that he can help create a plan that honors everyone.