Chaz Dean’s Knight in Shining Armour


Is that a shampoo? Is it okay for your hair type? Is it teeming with sulfur and overflowing with ammonia? Is it gentle on your scalp? Will it increase the hair fall? Questions from, and not just any questions; questions that will keep you awake at night. The problem with the hair products is the immensely diverse way in which they react to the people all over the world. Hair is an essential part of your outlook and for those who realize how important it is to have perfect hair all day long, WEN by Chaz Dean is the knight in shining armour.

Bustle has recently printed an experiment conducted by Emily McClure, a volunteer who decided to use the Wen cleansing product and document the changes observed by every day. Within a span of just 7 days, her hair looked healthier and was easier to style than before. The entire story can be read at

Chaz Dean is a professional hair stylist and is currently working in Hollywood as the stylist of choice for a number of celebrities. He obtained his degree in cosmetology from Los Angeles. One of his greatest contributions to the fashion world is the introduction of the Wen product line that effectively combines an all needed stylist treatment within one bottle and that is thankfully devoid of the strong chemicals that are so routinely used in the other products.

Chaz understands that the natural beauty of the hair should not be damaged in the process of revitalization. Therefore, he has used his experience to create such a product that does not damage the oil production capability of the scalp and uses the natural mechanisms to make your hair healthier and better than before. This is perhaps why his products have taken the online stores like by storm.