Patty Rocklage Owns A Model Home to Emulate

After touring the Sunbury showroom, Patty and her husband Scott decided that they wanted a piece of the pleasant surprise and decided to transform their home through renovations. The two needed a couple of renovations done at their home to ensure that they got the best use of their home. They had decided to hire different subcontractors to handle each part of the projects until they got to learn about Ed Freedlender’s potential in whole house renovation.Ed provides a lot of cost saving options without compromising quality. The company looks at the entire home and operates everything from one source. This way, clients get to save a lot of time, money and energy. It is the disconnection between their kitchen area and family rooms that Patty and Scott did not like. The Sunbury Company drew some design possibilities to join the spaces into one seamless solution. This renovation would serve as an excellent model upon which other customers could base when looking for excellent renovators of their homes. Upon receiving a retainer, Ed and his team of creative designers got to work to transform the home of the psychologists Patty.

Patty Rocklage is a psychologist with a passion for helping people. She has excellent communication skills and is known for being an experienced and accomplished professional whose warm communication styles has won hearts of many clients. She is passionate about helping families and couples better their relationships especially when it comes to facing struggles together. She has been practicing counseling and marriage psychology for over two decades, which makes her a pro in this field.

Rocklage currently lives in Massachusetts, which is where she practices. She is not only a qualified and established professional but also a supportive wife to Scott Rocklage who is a busy scientist. The two have been philanthropic as seen by their recent donation or gift to the MIT where they contributed significantly towards the building of a new Chemistry lab as a way of showing gratitude for Scott’s gain while at the institution. This major gift was received with gratitude.

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Dick DeVos Work Ethic is reflected through his Giving

If a person’s work ethic can be measured throughout his long and prosperous career. DeVos has operated major international companies, has been successful in politics, owned an NBA franchise and is a leading figure in the field of Michigan’s education system. One of his best feats is the political contributions that his wife and he makes every year to various organizations inside of Michigan and all over the U.S.


Devos and his wife Betsy has given nearly $140 million dollars to date. That is a hefty figure that is nothing to sneeze at. This Michigan based power couple has given an abundance of money to various organizations through their personal philanthropic organization which is known as the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


This foundation was set up for the Devos’s so that they can make sizable and meaningful contributions to the organizations that they support. They send millions of dollars each year to various organizations involving education, the arts, new entrepreneurial opportunities and for helping to establish new policy for state and federal government.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy are truly connected with success and wealth. His father is Richard DeVos the billionaire business magnate that has founded Amway. Betsy father was also a very wealthy businessman as well. Dick learned about business and success throughout the years by working for his father on a professional level and in a professional manner.


Dick worked hard to ensure that he was able to run his father’s business and to effectively govern other of his enterprises as well. Devos went to Northwood University in Michigan to get his degree in business. He then worked in his father’s company within various positons throughout the years.


Another one of his great accomplishments is working on the Michigan State Board of Education. Devos, like his wife Betsy is compassionate about education. He knows how important it is for children (and adlts) to have a solid background in education. Without it, he does not see many people from the Michigan area being successful in life.


Also, like his wife Betsy, Dick is involved in politics. Back in 2006 he ran for governor for Michigan. He did not win that position but he certainly did gain mass exposure for his effort. He is still actively involved in politics. He is a major Republican Party supporter within the state of Michigan and all around the nation.


The work that Dick Devos does through his philanthropic causes and charitable contributions is very important. His work is a testament of his character as a person and his leadership as an important figure within the state of Michigan. DeVos has impacted millions of lives in the greater Michigan area; more specially in Grand Rapids. Dick DeVos is truly an inspiration in terms of his work ethic and his amazing power to give to those who are in need.

DeVos Makes Contributions to the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is one of the more well known organizations around. Each year there are a number of donors who make considerable contributions to this organization in order to improve its operations as well as expand its programs. One of the people who makes regular contributions to this organization is businessman and philanthropist Dick DeVos. He has been making millions of dollars worth of contributions to this organization for many years and helps make the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts one of the finest arts institutions in the United States. Recently the organization has reached its fundraising goal of $50 million and looks to increase its goal in the near future.

Dick DeVos is a well known businessman who has experienced a lot of success over the years. He was one of the top executives of the company known as Amway. DeVos has also been owner of the Orlando Magic professional basketball team as well. During the last several years he has been an active contributor to a number of charitable causes. As well as the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts he has also made a number of contributions for entrepreneurship as well as education. With these contributions Dick has been able to make a considerable difference in his community and give back in very beneficial ways.

In his years of participating in philanthropy, Dick DeVos has made contributions to help other gain a quality education. Each year he offers business school scholarships for students to study for a Masters Degree in Business Administration. With this degree people can get positions as top level managers and help advance their career. Since college and business school is quite expensive there are many people who are in need of funding. DeVos’ program provides people with the money they need to get this degree and improve their fortunes as a professional. He also makes contributions to programs that pertain to capitalistic endeavors. These programs help aspiring business owners start their own business as well as help them get resources such as real estate and inventory in order to start up. The program also includes education that helps give them the core knowledge necessary to help them reach their potential. With these charitable programs Dick DeVos has been able to help a number of people and organizations achieve their goals on a regular basis.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Launches New Campaign

A GoFundMe campaign has been started in effects to start earning additional donations for the international organization that is geared towards helping those who are in need of facial surgeries or dental work. The fund was started by Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist in the New Jersey area. He has always taken great pleasure in helping those who need help and has had an immense passion to be in the position to be able to do so. He has started the campaign off with a generous $2000.00 donation. He chose Operation Smile as the foundation because of their support and substantial care that they provide to each patient. They first and foremost exhibit hope into each patient and help them to look forward to the future. They strive to make each child feel like their own. By offering services to children and young adults, they’re able to help many who are in need of dentistry work and the foundation only continues to grow. It originally started out in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was over in the Philippines, where they arrived to help young children with their dental needs. Since then they’ve been able to expand the organization globally and have offered over 200,000 surgeries throughout the entire world because of the foundation and its benefits provided. Dr. Weisfogel is honored to be able to help such a courageous and wonderful organization.

Dr. Weisfogel has worked in New Jersey,where his practice is for many years, and is known as one of the best dentists in the region. His Dental Sleep Master’s program has become very popular among offices surrounding the area as well as throughout the United States, where he teaches dentists and their offices about what they should be looking for in each patient that could have sleep apnea. He educates of the use of oral devices and how they can correct sleep disorders. Their effectiveness and proper use can result in better health and of course better sleep. Avi has dedicated much of his life to helping others with a better quality of life.

Keith Mann: Investing In The Education Of Others

Dynamic Search Partners was founded by Keith Mann, in partnership with others. The firm serves hedge funds and other investment firms. They do this through helping them to find executives and other professionals to help their firm move forward. Dynamic Search Partners was founded in 2001 and has already managed to service mandates from 2 thousand clients. Much of their success is credited to the database of professionals and executives that the firm has managed to create. It is due to the size of the database that the firm is able to find nearly perfect matches for many clients.

Keith Mann has also been credited recently for a very different aspect of his life. Mann has chosen to support students at the Uncommon School in the inner city of New York City. They are offering 5 thousand dollars to a graduating senior. This money will go towards college expenses. This is very exciting for many of the students, who are mostly from very poor backgrounds.

The Manns have chosen to do this because they can see the value of education and they understand how it is very helpful in assisting people to escape poverty. The teachers are also thrilled about this opportunity. The teachers’ dedication is astounding. They go above and beyond the call of duty in order to prepare their students for college and what comes after. They really want to ensure that each one can succeed at whatever they might choose to do.

Mann and his wife have been involved with Uncommon Schools since 2013. In 2015 alone, Mann and his company were able to raise more than 22 thousand dollars for the school in Brooklyn. They managed to do this by having a fundraising event at a local beer garden. The main place that money went was for student testing. This was a major help as the school was new and did not have a large donor base that could support every aspect of their operation. Since then, Keith Mann has only increased his involvement.

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The Koch Brothers Open a New Personal Investment Venture

Charles and David Koch have opened new company to serve as an investment vehicle for their private wealth. The billionaires have called it 1888 Management LLC, a homage to the year their grandfather got started as an American businessman. The company has recently begun seeking and acquiring investment opportunities for the brothers.

1888 Management LLC originally operated out of Koch Industries, Charles and David’s multi-billion dollar juggernaut company. It has since been incorporated in Delaware and received business licenses in several states. The Koch Brothers enlisted the expertise of Trent May to run their 1888 operation. In May’s previous work as the executive director of the Wyoming Retirement System, he achieved notoriety for turning the fund around and posting a 23 percent return one year after the 2008 crash.

The Koch’s new investment company is staffed with seven board members. A mixture of Koch family members and executives from Koch industries. Charles and David Koch are most famous for their political investments, namely for conservative and libertarian causes. It is unclear whether 1888 will pursue any political investments. So far 1888 Management has invested in a company called X5 OpCo LLC, which specializes in voice and data delivery solutions for the private and public sector.

Charles Koch currently serves as chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. He has held this position for approximately 50 years. Koch Industries’ subsidiaries are involved in a wide array of industries including energy, trade, manufacturing, and investment. Charles Koch’s deep interest in scientific endeavors has shaped Koch Industry’s success and led to the Koch’s renowned business philosophy focused on market-based management.

Charles wrote the book The Science of Success, which details the philosophy and outlook that has made him a business icon. For 50 years he has funded scientific research that seeks to effectively use market-based solutions to alleviate much of the world’s problems. Charles interest in societal advancement and improvement has led him to fund a number of organizations, such as the CATO Institute and the Institute for Humane Studies, that share his vision for a better future.

Keith Mann Promotes Education Through a Scholarship Opportunity

Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Opportunity
Keith Mann is the co-fonder and the managing director at Dynamics Search Partners. He is a talented entrepreneur who is a firm believer in education opportunities. The Uncommon Charter High School senior graduates have been offered a great scholarship opportunity from Keith Mann. The Uncommon Schools are considered to be non-profit education. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship opportunity is for graduating senior students in the Brooklyn, New York Uncommon school. This scholarship will be made available each year to a graduating senior. The scholarship is for the sum of 5,000 dollars that will then be applied toward a college degree. This is a generous program that will enable one student to further their education and experience professional success. This scholarship will encourage and discover the future business leaders. The scholarship is intended to encourage professional achievement for graduating senior students. The winner will be announced at the end of March.

Encouraging the Younger Generation in Business
The 5,000 dollar scholarship from Keith and Keely Mann will encourage the younger generation to excel within business and this will also spot the needed future leaders. This funding will be used for the purpose of a college education. Every year a graduating senior at one of the uncommon schools will be the recipient of the scholarship. The requirement for the application is an essay that will describe exactly how a college education will allow the student to achieve their professional goals. This essay will also lead to the discovery of the upcoming leaders of tomorrow.

Keith Mann Believes in Fostering Future Education
Keith Mann has seen the need for the fostering of education. He is a highly professional individual who has been involved within the executive search industry for over 10 years. Keith Mann is well-informed of the staffing and hiring strategies that must be in place. Mr. Mann is known to be an education advocate. Keith has been highly involved in philanthropy. He knows that strong leaders will cultivate success for many companies. Future leaders must be matched with companies in order to excel.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel Out To Restore Smiles On Our Children

Dr.Avi Weisfofel is a well-established dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care. He has a comprehensive history of sleep treatment and sleep disorders leading him to start his practice in 1999 whereby he ran the office on his own. He was curious on how to control sleep disorders and therefore, in 2010, he established Healthy Heart Sleep. In 2012, Avi Weisfogel founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to lecture dentist on how to deal with sleep patients.

This doctor was obsessed with helping other people feel comfortable with themselves and spent his entire career researching on how to help individual children and the world as a whole. He then decided to launch the GoFundMe Campaign, which is a global medical charity that deals with restoring the smile of children with a cleft palate. Young adults also stand a chance to benefit from this surgery.

The GoFundMe Campaign Organization was formed to offer surgical procedures at no cost to help the child have their smile back. Additionally, young adults have the ability to benefit from this procedure as well. Avi Weisfogel believes that every child has the right to the surgical care. We are to treat every child as though they are our own and give them the chance to smile at the days as they come around. Avi’s compassion for children has led him to put himself out there to give them the best he can offer.
Operation Smile collaborates with the local governments, hospitals and medical professionals to come up with several surgical care models that are most efficient and sufficient enough to reach a high number of children at the same time. This organisation goes out to different sections on the globe to find out where their help is urgently needed.

The institution is open to suggestions that make their work easier and more efficient. For instance, parts that are not very liberal hence, the need to use the resident heal providers to make the patients feel at home since they will receive treatment according to their culture and language. After that, they need to bring in their machinery and medical expertise by the resources on-site.

The GoFundMe Campaign was originally founded by Bill and Kathy Magee in the year 1982 to help children living in the Philippines. With time, the organisation established a global network that attracted thousands of volunteers from over 80states of the world. Since then, this team has completed 220,000 successful surgical procedures free of charge. Additionally, the charity has taken it upon themselves to train local medical experts in the hope of putting up long term solutions.
This philanthropist is out to give to the children and teach them that they can overcome all the challenges that life throws at them, therefore, giving them hope for yet another day.

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Should We Trust Kyle Bass?

In a world where internet and the media keep reality firmly restrained, it becomes very difficult to tell that which is trustworthy, and that which is not. A great example is Kyle Bass.

Many remember 2008, because September saw an economic seven year cycle hit the economy like a twenty-pound fist smashing a strawberry. Economic juices went everywhere, and the world scrambled to clean the mess. What caused it? Sub-prime lending practices in the housing market across the country. If that seems complicated, imagine using one credit card to pay off another credit card. Eventually, there are no more credit cards available, and the bill has only increased. Now, many financiers saw this collapse coming and prepared accordingly. But many financiers also didn’t have access to the mainstream media. Bass did.

Today, Wikipedia indicates that Bass has become trusted as a financial adviser by many, but his past is extremely questionable; and that really should be taken into account as well. Ulterior motives seem very possible with him.

Based out of Texas, where Bass runs a hedge fund, Kyle has also been involved in an organization called CAD, which stands for the Coalition for Affordable drugs. CAD manages to reduce the cost of big time pharmaceuticals, and when they start selling their drugs more cheaply, Kyle Bass short sells his stock. It’s a legal scam that is utilizing a loophole in the system. Here’s the thing: the crime isn’t victim-less. By taking economic potential from those pharmaceutical companies, Bass is taking future medical developments from the global community.

Kyle Bass also has very close ties to well-known socialist Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. President of Argentina, Bass’ home country, Kirchner has been beating the local economy into the ground with such force, surrounding countries are feeling the economic quake. And Bass has close ties to her.

It begs the question, doesn’t it? Is Bass really so personally economically viable, or is he operating from information that’s been given to him? Who knows; those kinds of questions can’t be answered here. But what can be said here is that trusting Kyle Bass completely probably isn’t the best idea. If he’s sly enough to use CAD as a means of gaining millions, he’s certainly sly enough to use the mainstream media to push public spending/investment habits one direction or another. If Bass’ ties to Kirchner aren’t benign, there could be a larger, hidden agenda. Kyle Bass has too many fishy elements about him for savvy investors to take what he says at face value. The entire scenario must be considered. Otherwise, investors are just playing into his hand. Bass continues to make public appearances and investments. Be careful to take in the whole picture before trusting anything he does.

The Growth Of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the President of the Eucatex Group, a Brazilian company with a diversified portfolio ranging from factories that specialize in sheet and panel production to those that produce the components needed by these factories. Eucatex continuously works to modernize production lines, increase the production rate and capacity to keep up with growing demands and make adjustments to keep up with changing technology and consumer needs.

Eucatex was founded by Flavio Maluf’s father, Paulo Maluf, in 1951. Their factory was the first in Brazil to choose eucalyptus as their raw material for sheet and panel fabrication. After the success of this factory Eucatex opened offices in the United States, the Netherlands, and Mexico. They also began to manufacture paint for their factories to use, metal profiles, ores to add to their existing insulation line, and agricultural substrates. In 1993 Eucatex began diversifying the products that it made. This involved the construction of a new plant, a new factory, the implementation of new painting procedures and increased maintenance of the natural resources that were used by the company. A significant amount of the success that has been seen by the Eucatex Group has been attributed to Flavio Maluf and his experience.

Flavio Maluf took to Twitter to point out he has been involved in the business at Eucatex since 1987. After he obtained a mechanical engineering degree from FAAP and studied administration at New York University he returned to Brazil to work for his father. He worked in both the trade and industrial areas of the business before being appointed to an executive position by his uncle in 1996. A year after this appointment he became President.

Because of his experience in multiple areas of the business, Flavio Maluf has a thorough understanding of how Eucatex functions. This, in combination with his education, has allowed him to guide Eucatex in a successful direction. Flavio’s ability to guide Eucatex has also allowed him to have a strong voice in Brazil about other companies and industries. His forecasts and explanations about the business world have allowed many people to understand a variety of mergers and acquisitions that have taken place. He is also outspoken when it comes to the growing use of technology by the younger generations and in education.

In addition to his business acumen, Flavio Maluf has also been successful in his personal life. He married Lourdes Torres Coutinho in 1986, just before he began to work at Eucatex. They have three adult children.  Flavio is a contributor to many articles about business, and what’s going on in Brazil as well.