Scott Rocklage’s Great Leadership

5AM Ventures is a very successful organization due to the contribution of Scott M.Rocklage. he started working at the company as a venture partner in 2003. Soo after that, Rocklage went higher and became the managing partner since his job at the firm kept being impressive thus being known globally. So far he has an experience of 30 years at the organization and work becomes easy every day. Prior to being with 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage was the CEO and president of Nycomed Salutar and served as the chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He had the opportunity of being one of the top leaders at Salutar and Catalytica because of his contribution at the firms. Moving on he was also part of Relypsa( NASDAQ: RLYP) as their chairman. He is currently the chairman of Cidara, Rennovia, and Kinestral. He successfully achieved a B.S in Chemistry from the University of California and a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT. One of his greatest achievements is publishing more than 100 books as well as starting more than 30US bonds. Rocklage resides at Boston MA Office.


The man purpose of starting 5AM Ventures was to manage and create science projects that will change the world. Scott and his team worked hard to have this start. They also focused on venture capital. This organization has been able to stand out because it has unique methods of handling its work efficiently. The routine of Scott Rocklage is as follows; finding out the new concepts of life science, implementing teamwork and working with them and being able to participate in different board meetings. His association with prominent people such as scientists, physicians and executives help Scott to implement good medicine that will make the lives of various patients better. He is a hardworking individual who is also devoted to what he does thus he came up with a certain genotype that contributes to the treatment of cancer. Learn more:


He is a keen individual who does his work in order and achieves everything that he sets his mind to. He is a role model to business people who are just beginning, he tells them they should be risk takers if they want to be successful.


Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is a citizen of UAE and is the founder and chairman of DAMAC, a global property development company. Husain graduated from the University of Washington and began his career as an entrepreneur in GASCO, which is a well-known subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He worked there for quite a short while when he moved on to form his own company in 1982 when he started his own venture.


This was the beginning of a successful career that saw him venture into the property industry in UAE. However, he started out in the catering industry. He grew the catering division to a strong market leader that caters for over 200 projects today serving over 150000 meals every single day in markets that cut across the UAE, CIS, and Africa. The company serves five-star hotels, education facilities, army camps, construction sites as well as providing additional services such as manpower supply and maintenance and management of camps.


This humble beginning saw him become a part of the expansion of Dubai. Sajwani was part of the group that built hotels in Dubai when the property market influx was experienced. In fact, he is considered a pioneer in this industry as he ventured into it in the early 1990s. He went ahead to identify the high-end market for properties which were the force behind the establishment of DAMAC properties in 2002. The company has since grown to become one of the most reputable companies in the entire Middle East. The company continues to enjoy excellence and success in this industry because of its continued dedication to providing quality service.


This coupled with its know-how and expertise in finance, sales, marketing and legal knowledge has made the DAMAC company a success. The company is known for a number of great properties in the region. It is known for some of the most prestigious companies in Amman, Abu Dhabi, London, Dubai, and Doha just to mention a few. The company under the leadership of Hussain has seen the company grow to greater heights over the years. DAMAC owner who is the Hussain Sajwani family is responsible for employing and supporting over 2000 families through direct employment.


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