SahmAdrangi, an inspiration to many people

He is the guy who understands how to go around with investment matters. SahmAdrangi, studied at Yale University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Through sheer luck and hustle, he secured an internship program that sharpened his skills before being ushered to the career industry. In the year 2009, Sahm founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management where he also served as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. A closer engagement with SahmAdrangi indicates that he loves what he does and even proud of the significant changes made by himself since he began. One of his fundamental contributions to the company is that Adrangi spearheaded the firm’s growth and development from about 1 million dollars to the current 150 million dollars in assets. Besides, the employment rate in the company increased significantly throughout his tenure.

Sahm is popular in the public domain. More to the point, featured in various publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The BusinessWeek, and The Business Daily among others. Also, he has been invited for interviews in the leading media houses such as the Bloomberg as well as CNBC. The high cost of living in the New York City and the hours in made Sahm decide to quit Wall Street forever. However, he still loves and enjoys numerous investments that generate him lucrative returns from good securities selection. The seed capital he made at the Wall Street is the primary source of his profits.

Adrangi does an array of activities including serving as an activist in many investments. For instance, he led a successful proxy contest to replace Morgans’ Hotel Group directors with other new directors. Also, he engaged with Linsay Corporation management to increase the company’s capital allocation policies as well as cash deployment in the year 2013.

Another spectacular talent that Adrangi possessed is public speaking and mentorship programs. As a result, he was invited to various conferences such as the Traders 4 cause, Sohn conference, the Activists Investor conference and the Value Investment conference. The delivery of such services made him an inspiration to many people looking up to him.