Never Too Fab for JustFab!

Hello, ladies! If you’re looking for an online retailer that sells design quality clothing, look no further than and their newly promoted #FABforall campaign. This e-tailer targets women of varying body shapes and sizes to “celebrate each and every fabulous woman, making her feel empowered and beautiful”, as Fashion Times put it in its blog post about Just Fab.

The theme of #FABforall is described by the head designer as recognizing “individuality and design styles to fit different body shapes and personalities”. The designers of Fab are located in Los Angeles, California studios where they work diligently on providing up-to-date fashion designs for the subscribers of

The system works in a way that subscribers sign up for a routinely newsletter of updated apparel. If they take the time to become a VIP, they are included in exclusive VIP prices, deals, and receive free shipping and free exchanges.

If you’re worried about who supports this company or where they get their credibility, look no further than Kate Hudson. She has been a leading advocate for JustFab’s Fabletics, an athletic-wear line dedicated to helping women feel beautiful while they work towards their desired physical goals.

Wear the Fabletics gear on the go, at the gym, or even at home to give you that desired push of determination; whether it be not to eat that extra cookie or run that extra mile. There is also a FL2 line for men and a Fabkids line for children so they can do their part in the #FABforall campaign. As expressed, the #FABforall campaign targets more than just women to include ALL people.

According to, for the women especially though, the sizes range from XS to 3W, and 24-34 with the addition of 16W-24W. So don’t be afraid to look at those sexy, slimming dresses, or the newly fabricated denim, you will find your size! JustFab offers a multitude of options from dresses to blouses to jackets to jeans, even leggings and other outside apparel.

It’s truly easy to find whatever you are looking for on their website, while still making a positive impact on society as a whole.

Now get shopping and spread the word to do your part in empowering women of all sizes to feel confident!