Securus Technologies: Doing Business from Communications to Payments Processing

Securus Technologies has been around for decades. They have been the longest partner for some of the correctional facilities in North America. In total, there are more than one million prisoners that are being serviced by Securus Technologies, and these prisoners are all detained in more than 3,000 correctional facilities in America. They are known for selling gadgets and devices to inmates for them to call their loved ones outside or to entertain themselves, using it as a radio or TV. One of the highlights of the products introduced by Securus Technologies is the video calling technology believed to be the fastest on Earth. Because of how speedy it was, even the government is planning to create satellites which would use the video calling technology from Securus Technologies. There are also reports that the jail authorities are thinking about remove the traditional face to face visits and replace it with a TV screen. In late 2018 and early 2018, Securus Technologies decided to change its paths and acquired GovPayNet.



GovPayNet is a private company which processes payments directed to the government. The system can be used to pay for fines, fees, taxes and bail, and all other payments that are under the government agencies. GovPayNet originated as a simple system developed by a county sheriff in 1997. The sheriff had a problem – he could no longer track down the people who were paying their fees and fines, so he asked a computer literate person and asked the individual to create a program. After weeks of trial and error, the program that the county sheriff wanted was finally created. He called it GovPayNet, and it helps him manage all of the students and their payment information.



GovPayNet is the preferred payment method of almost 26% of all American counties. They liked how the user interface is navigable enough, and the website can also accept credit and debit cards. The acquisition of Securus Technologies with GovPayNet will be the topic of business experts in the United States. They will once again predict something bad about the economy of the United States to provide the president.



Securus Technologies Moving the Network Industry through Smart Collaborations

Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986. The company specializes in technology in the US prisons and is based in Dallas Texas. I have found out that the main aim of Securus Technologies is to connect and serve by giving information, investigating, biometric analysis, in-mate service, information management, and public information. Its focus lies on joining what matters. In the past years, Securus Technologies provide telephone services to Inmates in the US prisons. The rates were on a high compared to those of general public. The company introduced a system that controlled contraband cell phones sometime last year. The company received approval from over five departments in different correctional facilities. Among the achievements, Securus Technologies has done been able to achieve been the announcement of a wireless technology developed to prevent contraband cell phones from connecting to different mobile networks.


In past Securus Technologies have the made definitive moves to acquire the leading technological company known as JPay. The two groups came together and combined their products and services to enable both companies to obtain maximum benefits of the different products and services that synchronize in a complimentary way for the users. Securus technologies were in a position to offer high tech softwares easily. The software’s were highly functional to the correctional agencies as they were used in the operations of the jails and the prisons. In collaboration with Securus Technologies, JPay’s develops revolutionary products that gain massive adaptation on a broad scale. The development takes much less time compared to when JPay worked single-handedly.


Securus Technologies maintains the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for purposes that include; correction and monitoring, public safety and investigation among other solutions. The company received a Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating accreditation. Securus Technologies also made an establishment in-house domestic call centers of 220 seats. The move was achieved in the largest industry. This progression enabled Securus to have more control over the customer service management and also helped the company in the implementation of the required standards of BBB that saw the firm becomes accredited. The company now prides itself in satisfaction score of about 4.3 in a range of 5.


Read This Fan Mail About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that creates solutions for prisons and law enforcement. They came up with many new technologies to prevent inmates from doing illegal things. For example, they have developed a bunch of software that prevents inmates from dealing with contraband cell phones by preventing illegal cell phones from connecting to the network. In fact, according to the CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, Securus comes up with a new technological innovation once a week on average. The company was founded in 1986 and now has contracts with almost three thousand correctional facilities across the nation.


They often get fan mail, as well as official mail from their customers, who are usually law enforcement agencies or correctional facilities. Rick Smith says that they get thousands of letters, and that building new solutions is part of their DNA.


One correctional facility said that they were able to use the monitoring systems from Securus to catch a corrupt staff member who was dealing with illegal contraband. Another said that they were able to monitor calls about the illegal dealing of drugs, alcohol, cell phones, and cash. They were also able to find out information about a civilian who was selling prescription drugs at a discount, as well as information about shots that were fired in a particular case.


Another customer said that they have been using Securus for well over a decade, and that it is encouraging to see that the vendor of their choice is committed to coming up with new services that can benefit their customers.


Another customer said that their investigative tools and monitoring software is truly invaluable. Many law enforcement agencies are reporting that they are able to keep up with all the hidden things that are going on in their prison systems which they had no way of knowing about.


Securus Technologies Cracking Down on Gang Violence

Our prison has the highest population of violent gangs in the state. On any given day, we have dozens of gangs and thousands of gang members, all sharing a very small space within the jail. When one person gets out of line, whether intentional or not, it could spark a riot that puts each person in the jail in serious danger. My team of corrections officers have to be working tirelessly to make sure that we keep the peace and prevent problems ling before they are ignited.


Even when my team is able to keep the peace and all the gang members in the jail keep to themselves, there could still be plans in the works to take down a rival gang member for a variety of reasons. If the gang leader feels that his group has been disrespected by a low-level rival gang member, he could put out the call that one of his soldiers takes action in the jail to send that person a message.


In order to try and stop communications between the gang members inside and outside the jail, we monitor the calls very closely. With the amount of inmates and calls made daily, you would think it be near impossible to listen to every word of every call. That used to be the case, until be brought in Securus Technologies to update our telephone call monitoring system. Now the LBS software can do the work of a dozen officers, listening to calls and monitoring for specific chatter.


This year already, we got alerts a gang member was on the phone ordering a soldier on the street to bring a weapon to the visitor center and hand over. Calls like that are dealt with in real-time, allowing us to stop potential violence before anyone gets hurt.


Securus Technologies: New & Improved with BBB Rating & Accreditation.

In recent news, Securus Technologies have accomplished the accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For a while, Securus has been working hard with the agency to meet required standards so that the media and customers could see that they deliver the service that they claim. They worked hard in the standards set by the Better Business Bureau, including building trust, telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, safeguarding privacy, and embodying integrity. And with this accreditation, Securus shows that the Better Business Bureau has verified, agreed, and confirmed that this company is the biggest and only provider of full spectrum solutions, and they meet the standards set above.


The Statement of Securus Technologies’ CEO


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, stated how he is glad for their accreditation, and he stated how some competitors make exaggerated and wild statements about their abilities. He further stated that accreditation shows they prove what they say, they can actually do.


The Improved & Enhanced Securus Technologies


To the enhancement and improvement of customer service to almost 25 million family members and friends, Securus ensured 220 seats in an in-house domestic call center. This allow for more control for Securus to handle customer service properly, and it allows them to utilize the BBB required standards in accreditation. Their reps are highly trained to stay mindful of these standards. Calls are averaged quickly, and they respond to more than 2.5 millions calls per month on average. This company also ensure a 99% rate in first call resolution. And as a result, Securus has accomplished a 4.3 out of 5 star rating in customer satisfaction scores. This just shows how their commitment to enforcing the Better Business Bureau Standards create great results.


Get More Inmate Calling Features That Save Your Time And Money

An improved inmate calling network allows customers to get every minute they are allotted under their contract. Irregularities that are caught by regulation providers like Securus Technologies will ensure your customer service excellence and calling features. For example, Securus recently caught a few inaccuracies associated with Global Tel-Link and they were immediately corrected. Louisiana customers received free inmate calling features for a limited time. Building a secure network to stay connected to your loved ones is easy with Securus. They also provide regulations, monitoring, and technical support. They have proudly process billions of calls for their customers over the past quarter.


Securus Technologies Offers New Features


In a technological era inmate calling over the internet should be possible also and it is through a Vimeo video chat feature that is being offered through Securus Technologies services. Through a free downloadable video application you can talk to your loved ones over a high definition video and control the picture and the screen. If you’re interested in controlling the audio, activate a one touch feature. Securus is taking the initiative to ensure that inmates and their families are staying connected.


Securus Technologies recently received a Certification 1 certificate that will allow them to expand their services to an international network. Your loved ones have the option of knowing they will get every minute associated which each inmate call. Thousands of customers around the nation depend on Securus Technologies when it counts. Best of all, many of their features cost a fraction of the amount that other network providers are charging. Most inmates say that staying connected to their love ones outside of a correctional facility is very important. It can also help an inmate transition to life outside of a facility.


Join Securus Technologies today and talk more while spending less. Visit their secure website now.


A Company for the Ages in Modern Times

How patent laws work is an interesting thing in the United States. Every product that has a patent will eventually lose that patent over a period of time, allowing other companies to have the ability to use them if they see the need to for capital gain. Securus Technologies, an information technology company, has recently received some bad press from another company in the industry, GTL. Accusations against Securus claim that a large number of their product patents are expired. After performing some research into these accusations, Securus Technologies, alongside some third party allies, have discovered that these claims are baseless and that all product patents are still under their control without fear of expiration. This is wonderful news for Securus, who focuses their attention on the meeting the goals of inmates currently living within the prison system.


Securus provides high levels of communication and security support to incarcerated individuals in order to meet their ever growing need to openly communicate with their loved ones on the outside. One of these products, which is a downloadable application available to both Android and Apple devices. The application allows the inmates to openly communicate with their family members through seamless video streaming conference technology. This is a godsend for inmates who can use the application to help their loved ones bypass the annoyance of distance driving and security checks when moving to prisons in order to meet visitation needs.


Securus, for its work with incarcerated individuals, can be labeled not only as a technology firm but as a humanitarian organization as well. This is a massive deal for the American people as it can rest assured knowing that there are still corporations that truly care about their customer’s needs and worries in a world that often times seems to not care.


Securus Technologies’ New App Accumulates 65000 Downloads

Dallas-based Securus Technologies, a telecommunication-oriented company offering civil and criminal technological solutions announced successful adoption of its newly designed app, Inmate Video Phone Call earlier this year. The company which focuses on offering investigations, public safety, corrections and monitoring announced on that the android version of its product (unveiled 6 months earlier) had accumulated 60,000 downloads in the Play store while its counterpart in the iTunes had gathered 5,000 downloads.

The Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Securus America hailed the app, explaining that it could connect the family and friends in a much more convenient way rather than to visit their incarcerated loved ones in jails or prison. Securus Technologies was aware of the rigidness associated with prison and jail visitations procedures and for that reason, opted to offer consumers with a way of communicating with their loved ones even at the comforts of their home. The app was to eliminate the need for web cameras, tethered computers and additional hardware system associated with traditional visitations and that all users would only be required to have is an internet access either via cellular service or wireless networks (Wi-Fi).

PR Newswire reports that the app would allow family and friends to make video calls or hold virtual meetings with their loved ones in prisons and jails on their tablets or smartphones interfaces allowing them to virtually participate is social events (Watch: including birthday, burials, family gatherings, holidays and sporting events. This would make the imprisoned to feel home or rather as members of the family, a process that would also influence their rehabilitation. The app was made available in Google Play store and App Store for any potential client demanded its usage.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies was established in 1986 and its operations were headquartered at Dallas, Texas ( The company has 30 years of experience in the industry offering IT solutions in the civil and criminal sector. The company has approximately 1,300 associates in the United States and serves 1.2 million inmates, 3,400 correction and investigation facilities in 48 states in U.S.A.