George Soros Keeps the Fight Going

Every person should desire to use their skills and abilities to form this world to be more positive. Those who do this are heroes. The greatest of those are the ones that succeed because they are true influencers in this world. George Soros is a great influencer who has promoted the ideals of the Democratic Party around the globe. His ability to capture the hearts of the people as well as his vast amounts of wealth has made him an enemy to Republicans who refer to him as the bogeyman of the right.

George Soros is known as both a billionaire in the philanthropist. The majority of his charity work has been done through the nonprofit Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations exists in order to promote democracy around the world. It does this by bankrolling and educating struggling democracies so that they can truly be the voice of the people and be accountable to the electorate. Soros believes so strongly in his nonprofit that he has given them $18 billion of his own to continue their mission.

The United States of America, especially the Republican Party, has felt the influence that George Soros has through the Open Society Foundations. Soros often uses this nonprofit to give additional money to the Democratic Party.

George Soros began using the Open Society Foundations when John Kerry was running for the presidency in 2004. John Kerry was up against incumbent President George W. Bush. George Soros saw that George W. Bush was sagging in the polls and knew that the iron was hot to strike. George Soros dumped an unprecedented amount of money to the John Kerry campaign which totaled $27 million. Unfortunately, the Republicans will play their cards right during that election season and George W. Bush would remain president.

George Soros would back Senator Barack Obama in 2008 election. Though he originally was going to back Hillary Clinton, he felt that Barack Obama had an easier chance to push an extreme liberal agenda. Because of the millions of dollars that George Soros gave, Barack Obama was able to secure the nomination for presidency and go on to serve in the Oval Office for two terms. During his time in office, Obama past many of the liberal policies that Soros wanted to see implemented.

In 2016, George Soros would back his longtime friend Hillary Clinton and help her gain the Democratic nomination for presidency. After that, he would donate $25 million to her campaign said that she could stop Donald Trump in his tracks. Unfortunately for him, the Republicans would come out with the ultimate victory during that election winning both chambers of Congress as well as the House.

George Soros would begin using the Open Society Foundations to bankroll movements at the grassroots level to opposed Donald Trump. This included the pink hat women’s March that occurred after his election, as well as move, and black lives matter. Soros will never stop openly fighting the policies of the right.

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