Jeunesse Global Offers Powerful Product for Mental Focus

Many people are always looking to get an edge in life. And one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition is to have superior mental focus and clarity. One global supplement company is offering a powerful mental clarity and focus supplement to help people become more productive. That company, Jeunesse Global, is offering their M1ND mental supplement to give their customers the edge they need to succeed.



M1ND’s Unique Ingredients

What makes M1ND unique? This mental supplement is packed with CERA-Q™ – a dietary supplement that supports memory and L-theanine. CERA-Q™ is designed to help reduce mental distraction. In a world where everyone is pre-occupied with their cellphone and computer devices, staying mentally focused can certainly give you an edge at work and in life.


The Many Benefits of M1ND

So what are the other benefits of M1ND? This mental supplement is designed to help you remember names, remember facts & figures, have increased concentration, have a longer attention span, remember words and have clarity of thought. This supplement can be especially helpful for students and those in jobs that require a high level of thought and problem solving capabilities.


How Do I Take M1ND Supplements?

So how do you take M1ND? This supplement comes in a small single serve packet. This packet contains one fluid ounce of lemon meringue flavor concentrated liquid. You can pour this liquid into an eight ounce glass of water. Simply mix the M1ND liquid supplement into the water and then enjoy. You should take M1ND in the morning to allow you a full day of mental clarity and concentration.


About Jeunesse Global

For over ten years, Jeunesse Global has offered a number of supplements to help people improve their mind, body and overall health. The company sells its products through thousands of worldwide distributors. Currently, Jeunesse Global offers products that are a part of the Y.E.S Youth Enhancement System. These products include Instantly Ageless Face Cream, AM & PM Essentials Supplements, NV Skin Care, Naara Collagen Replenishment Drink and NEVO Energy Drinks.

Organo Puts Your Coffee Habit To Work For You

Organo Puts Your Coffee Habit To Work For You.

All over the world, people start their day with a jolt of caffeine that only a piping hot cup of coffee can provide. Lifestyles are busier than they’ve ever been. People rely on coffee to keep them alert and awake throughout the day. While the history of coffee is unknown, its origin is thought to have started in Ethiopia. In the 15th century it found its way to the Arabian Peninsula, and from their arrived in Europe at some point in the 17th century. These days, people take their coffees different ways in different coffees. Turkish coffee is so strong and dark that you may find grounds in the bottom of your cup, while Norwegians prefer theirs lightly roasted. One thing for sure is that it is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Follow Organo Gold on

Organo Gold is a global lifestyle company that offers energy drinks, tea, and some of the best tasting coffee in the world. One popular coffee product created by Organo is their Gourmet Black Coffee. It is instant coffee with a robust flavor, with Ganoderma mushroom to add a nutty flavor. Another Organo coffee that includes Ganoderma is Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee. This one contains the spore powder from Ganoderma, which adds an exotic flavor to this rich and robust blend. Organo Café Latte includes Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, Ganoderma, as well as cream and sugar for those who prefer their coffee light an sweet. Another exotic blend is Gourmet Café Supreme, which combines the mild flavors of Eurycoma longifolia, Ganoderma, and ginseng. Read the reviews at

Wondering why a mushroom would be included in a coffee drink? This mushroom is known to be a natural medicine. They are rich in vitamins, sterols, alkaloids, amino acids, polysaccharides, triterpene, and nucleoside. After all, if you’re going to imbibe multiple cups of coffee a day, you might as well drink one that contains ancient Chinese herbal medicine.


Starting a Business With Jeunesse Global

Do you want to own your own business? There are many people who are interested in investing in a new business idea. The vast majority of people today are not passionate about their job. Instead, they want to be their own boss and make a difference in the future.

Jeunesse Global is one of the newest beauty companies in the industry. Although this is a relatively small company, it is still successful in a variety of ways. Not only are sales growing rapidly, but the profits in the business are high. Jeunesse Global focuses on a direct selling model to customers. This means that the company does not spend a lot of money on traditional marketing. Instead, Jeunesse Global allows satisfied customers to buy and sell products for a profit. Follow Jeunesse Global on Twitter.

Getting Started

There is a small investment required to get started selling Jeunesse Global products. However, many people make this money back quickly by selling a lot of products to friends and family. In addition, there are some people who invest in a quality website to sell products online. Watch this video on Youtube.

One of the biggest aspects of Jeunesse Global that customers love is the quality of the products. Unlike a lot of beauty companies, this is a company that places a huge emphasis on quality.

Early Growth

Jeunesse Global is still a new company in the industry. However, the rapid growth rate has been exciting for people working at the company. Over the next few years, many people believe that Jeunesse Global could become one of the leading beauty companies in the industry.

The company is focused on making all of their products sustainable. This is a huge issue for many leaders of Jeunesse Global. Instead of producing inferior products in bad conditions, Jeunesse Global is doing everything possible to use quality ingredients and ethical manufacturing practices. This is just another reason why so many people enjoy working with Jeunesse Global.


Benefits of Enhancing Cellular Vitality with Elysium Health

The world seems to be larger than ever, with growing populations, emerging industries, and international connection through the web. Though there are some growing pains as a result of the expansion, many industries have made significant strides in the 21st century. One such field is healthcare, where new discoveries and innovation across several areas are being made every day. As we learn more about our health and how to maintain it, the healthcare industry grows.

One such area of interest is focused on tackling health at the cellular level. Without well-functioning cells, body systems such as tissues and organs cannot work efficiently, which can diminish energy and physical functioning. It is therefore essential to maintain cell vitality by keeping your cells well nourished, not through active treatments, but preventative care such as healthy diet, regular exercise, dietary supplements, and more.

Elysium Health

One of the ways that consumers can maintain cellular wellness is by taking supplements. There are companies in the business of vitamins and dietary supplements, and the industry is growing rapidly. In 2010, the nutritional supplements industry reached $28 billion and is currently estimated to increase to $36 billion by the end of 2017. Many people have already realized that supplements are not only for athletes–anyone can take them to promote cell health.

Established in 2014, Elysium Health is a dietary supplement company with a mission to help people achieve long term wellness. Elysium works directly with leading, world-class scientists and the company is devoted to creating supplements that make a measurable difference through research and by applying advances in science and technology. Their flagship product – Basis – is clinically backed and has been designed to support and enhance your cell vitality.

Basis – Clinically Proven Daily Supplement

With over 25 years of research behind it, the Basis daily supplement has been created to support cellular health by sustaining and increasing NAD+ levels in our cells. NAD+ is an enzyme required in the body for energy generation, regulating circadian processes, and maintaining DNA. Since our NAD+ levels decrease as we age, daily Basis supplement can ensure your NAD + body levels are constant and not breaking down ultimately guaranteeing improved cell health and vitality. The supplement is available on Elysium Health’s website, where you can get a one-time purchase or a subscription.

Visit Elysium Health on