Bank Director Marcio Alaor Thinks Brazil Has Growth Potential For Foreign Businesses


When economies fall into a recession, foreign investors usually pack up and get their assets out of the country. Marcio Alaor, the Director of BMG Bank in Brazil, recently told a group of potential investors that is exactly what happened two years ago when Brazil was knocked to its knees due to China’s retreat from the Brazilian export market. The country has been trying to pull out of the economic meltdown and there seems to be a few bright spots shining through the dark business clouds, according to Mr. Alaor.

Marcio Alaor mentioned the Endeavor index in his presentation. Endeavor is an organization that supports entrepreneurs that want to know more about the top cities that can offer businesses growth in spite of the recession. In fact, Alaor said now is the best time to invest in a Brazilian city because the currency exchange rate for the Real is lower than it has been in ten years. Another reason is the Brazilian government has a plan to offer businesses loans if they need operating money.

The Endeavor Index listed five of the best cities for business investments, and Alaor said the total list includes 32 cities that have the infrastructure, access to capital markets, the innovation, and the regulatory environment as well as the human capital needed for success. The five top cities with all the ingredients for business success are São Paulo, Florianopolis, Recife, Campinas and Victory. Those cities are ripe for new business development according to Alaor, and Alaor knows something about business development.

As director of the BMG Bank, Marcio Alaor is responsible for developing new business ventures. Alaor was instrumental in establishing soccer sponsorships with eight Series A football clubs. Those sponsorships produced an incredible amount of revenue for the bank. BMG Bank is the leader in the payroll loan business. That business didn’t exist ten years ago thanks to Alaor.

Alaor has helped businesses get off the ground in his hometown of Belo Horizonte. Belo Horizonte is another city on the Endeavor index list. When all things are considered, Marcio Alaor has been instrumental in the growth of the BMG Bank as well as several foreign business ventures in cities around the country.

What Brazil needs, according to Alaor, is government help to get the economy started again. Economies in cities like Florianopolis, Recife, Campinas and Victory are coming alive because more businesses are taking a chance and opening branches or they are forming partnerships with existing businesses in those cities. Brazil may be down on its knees, economically speaking, but the country has been in that position before, and it got up and thrived. Alaor believes another economic resurrection is on the way.