Clay Siegall Ensures That Seattle Genetics Is Poised For Growth

Seattle Genetics is a major biotech firm in this area today. Major credit for this can go to its founder as well as CEO, Clay Siegall.

This company is all about the studying and packaging of human antibodies into. Clay Siegall founded the company in 1998. These antibodies relate to therapy in order to destroy the cancer cells from the inside.

This is a strategy that has put Seattle Genetics in the big league. Clay Siegall has made it big enough for the biotech community of Seattle that can consider it to be a pharmaceutical company that can take it through all the ups and downs which are a regular feature of this sector.

The company has a $10 billion market value. It employs 900 employees. Seattle Genetics is the largest biotech company in Washington today. Clay Siegall harbors the ambition of moving from biotech to becoming a big pharma company. This is why he is investing in research as well as marketing. This is why he expects to add another 200 employees this year.

The flagship drug of Seattle Genetics is Adcetris. It is used for treating Hodgkin lymphoma. This is a cancer of the lymph system. From there it spreads to the other organs too. It is already under expansive tests. Once they prove positive, this drug will become available to all.

Clay Siegall claims that this is an emerging global company. It offers several products that are related to oncology. He reveals that his company has a large number of drugs in its pipeline. This makes it quite clear that Clay Siegall is on the path to building a great company. He is not planning to sell it to a larger company for some amount of money, as several other biotech firms do.

Next, Clay Siegall does not wish to focus on drug development alone. He would like to handle the entire complexities that are associated with the international marketing of the new drugs that are being developed. Earlier, the company had sold its international commercial rights. These were sold to Takeda Oncology. This is because Clay Siegall wanted to raise capital for doing research on Adcetris. But this also helped him to know much more about global markets. Now Clay Siegall has opened an office in Switzerland. This way Seattle Genetics will be able to do international marketing of its drugs on its own.