The Chainsmokers: Redefining the Music Industry

The Chainsmokers is an influential musical duo that was launched in 2012. The members of The Chainsmokers are Alex Pall, who came from New York City, and Drew Taggart, who is a local from Maine. The two members of the influential group have different jobs before they became the musical icon known by a lot of people today. Alex Pall is an art gallery assistant, while Drew Taggart works as a local musician. However, their careers would change right after their manager discovered their talents, and decided that they should form a group that will be famous around the world. The two never realized that their will become popular in the least amount of time possible, and now, they are enjoying their lives touring around the world and sharing their talent to multitudes of people.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart grew close to each other because they share the same passion. According to Alex Pall, the first time he met Drew Taggart, he felt an instant connection because of their similarities. It is important that The Chainsmokers are getting along with each other, and their manager is not having an issue regarding the closeness of the two members. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart would also need to share their ideas, and a thorough brainstorming activity is needed for them to finish what they are trying to do. The Chainsmokers have reached so many milestones, thanks to the cooperation between its two talented members.

The Chainsmokers keep on releasing new songs now and then. One of their latest releases was “Sick Boy,” and it differed greatly from their previous works because it is much darker. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart said that their songs are all about them, and they wanted to be hands-on as much as possible, especially when the lyrics are being made because they wanted their songs to have more personal touch. The Chainsmokers are also known for their friendly nature, especially towards the people that they have worked with in the past. They value their friendships and consider their talents for their future projects and other collaboration plans between different artists.

Lawrence Bender – Prolific Television and Film Producer

Lawrence Bender has produced some of America’s most iconic Oscar award winning films. He is partially responsible for films such as Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill, and Reservoir Dogs. Lawrence Bender has produced many of Tarantino’s greatest films, but he has also been successful elsewhere.

The release of Good Will Hunting marked a career highlight for Lawrence Bender. The film released in 1997, and it is still quoted heavily today. The film also marked the debut of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as writers. They wrote the film, originally portrayed Will Hunting as a physics genius, but the decision to make him a math genius was obviously the better decision.

The film follows Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, a janitor at MIT. Unbeknownst the the staff at the university, Will has a very good understanding of complex math. He solves a problem one of the professors leaves in the hallway, creating intrigue in the school pertaining to who solved the problem.

The movie also follows Will throughout the rest of his life. Will is seen in bars, struggling with love, and spending time with his friend, played by Ben Affleck. Will is also a patient to a therapist played by Robin Williams. The dialogue between Damon and Williams make for some of the greatest moments in movie history.

Lawrence Bender has owned two production companies during his career: A Band A Part and Lawrence Bender productions. A Band A Part was created jointly with Tarantino and handled many of their films up until 2006. Lawrence Bender productions was created after Tarantino and Bender parted ways.

Bender doesn’t limit his production skills to the big screen; he has also produced for over a dozen television shows and specials. He took the popular novel Earthsea and turned it into a miniseries for SyFi. He is also listed as executive producer of recent Netflix original, Seven Seconds.