Sheldon Lavin Builds a Successful Reputation for ISO Group

Sheldon Lavin has made impressive steps in his career as the president of ISO industries. His contributions to the company have expanded the supply chains for the food products that ISO Industries deal in. Prior to joining ISO Industries, Sheldon Lavin serve in various financial institutions for the success and growth of those companies.

This able leader and successful investor have renowned expertise in accounting and finance. This is what fuelled his steps towards accomplishing greater profits with his company. How he joined ISO group is quite inspiring. Back in the days, he used to offer financial advisory to Otto & Sons Company which is now owned by ISO Industries. Sheldon Lavin used this opportunity to venture into more profitable food products that have high demand in the markets. His ambitions have made ISO Industries one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of proteinous foodstuff worldwide.

Among his many successful accomplishments is the winning of many laurels from global organizations. The India Vision World was honored and privileged to appreciate his fruitful efforts by presenting the Global Visionary Award. This award is normally given to business leaders who manage to cultivate success for companies amidst the stiff competitions in the economic markets. According to India Vision Award, Sheldon Lavin is one of the world’s Chief Executive Officers to successfully raise new start-ups and steer them towards multi-billion investment processing companies. It was in 2016 when he received this prestigious laurel.

Similarly, ISO Industries have also been awarded as the best in the food industry under his tenure. What has made the company to shine and beat all the others is their high standards of operations? This has helped them in maintaining healthy processing and manufacturing procedures. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership has made the company earn many other accolades from environmental organizations. These organizations have appreciated Sheldon Lavin’s attempts in attaining a healthy and pollution free environment through proper management of the processing plants at ISO Group. One of the organizations includes the British Safety Council, London which honored the company with the Globe Award.

To add, Sheldon Lavin has opened more offices for the company in other continents including Africa. South Africans are now enjoying the quality products offered by ISO Group. The increase in market coverage has earned more revenues for the company hence propelling them to delivering more reputable services. Sheldon Lavin is satisfied with the success he has achieved while still serving at ISO Group.

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Troy McQuagge Latest Award as the CEO of the Year

Troy Mcquagge, the CEO of USHEALTH group, became the recipient of the CEO award of the year gold award held by PlanetSM awards. The award ceremony recognizes excellent efforts by business and individuals from all over the world. All the organization regardless of their orientation is eligible for nominations. The award sponsors receive submissions from private, public, profit, nonprofit organization and all other types available. With the vast pool of individuals involved, it highlights how of giant step it is for Tony McQuagge.

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Troy McQuagge has been in USHEATH for almost a decade and directly involved in the success it has been associated. In his first few years, he was involved in the company’s rebuilding, development of the distribution agency, and the innovation of the USHEATH advisors. His prime success has been the development of the USHEATH advisors, whose success led his promotion as the company president and CEO. During his time in office at USHEATH, he has been able to achieve success with the increase in the company’s income. He has transformed the business to be a global leader and creating self-motivated individuals within the organizations. As part of his acceptance speech in the ceremony, he took time to recognize and dedicate the award to his hardworking employees. He emphasized the company’s desire for the improvement of healthcare and providing customers with suitable healthcare policies that match their income. The one planet award are according to the following services PR, Executives, market and corporate communication, teams, and organizations from all over the world.

Troy McQuagge is an insurance and sales expert by profession. In his three decades of experience, he has set himself aside from the others through his development of workable solutions in tight situations and his exemplary leadership skills. As the president of USHEATH, he has been in charge of the sales department. He has led the growth of USHA to become a sales giant through the health insurance market and agencies that are committed to growth. Tony Mcquagge kicked started his career thirty years ago at Allstate Insurance Company in the student insurance department. He later became the president of the UGA, UICI insurance department.

With the company acquired in 2006, Tony was in charge of the sales and marketing process. In the first year of the company under the new ownership, Tony was able to achieve profits of more than $1 billion. The achievement led to Tony being recognized as the sales group of the year with a Stevie awards and selling power publication. Tony McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida where he earned a degree in B.A.USHEATH group is at Ft. Worth, Texas. The organization comprises a blend of talented employees and agents are competitive in marketing and keen to supply quality customer services. Learn more:


Adam Milstein three level approach to philanthropy work

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist, an investor in the real estate and a Jewish community leader. As a native Israeli, Milstein served in the Israeli Defence Forces. This was during the era of Yom Kippur War. In 1978, he graduated from the Technion. In 1981, he moved to the U.S. to further his studies. He joined USC where he obtained an MBA. He then started his career in the real estate industry in California. Milstein later started his firm where he is the managing partner. The firm is known as Hager Pacific Properties. It deals with private commercial investments in the real estate sector.

As a philanthropist, Milstein has invested a lot of money and time into initiatives that are supposed to ensure that that the Jewish culture and values are never eroded. He is the chairman of the Jewish based organization in the United States known as “Israeli-American Council.” His role on the matters of Jewish interests does not stop there. He is on the boards of several other organizations that include; AIPAC National Council, Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, the Israel on Campus CoalitionAISH Los Angeles, and AIPAC National Council. In his push to attend to ore matters of Jewish nature, together with his wife, they started an organization known as SifriyatPijamaB’America. It provides free Hebrews book to Jewish students in the United States. It is estimated that the Israeli-American community living in the U.S is more than 15,000.

To effectively support the Jewish welfare initiatives through all the organizations as mentioned above, Milsten and wife established the Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation has taken three lever approach towards implementing their philanthropic initiative. One is active philanthropy, where the foundation offers monetary support to these organizations. This is done through funding projects and programs being implemented. Two, there is life path impact. This principle is supposed to ensure continuity of its programs from dealing with young people to their adulthood. Thirdly, is the philanthropic synergy. This principle is meant to bring together the initiatives and programs funded by the foundation so that they can have more impact.

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