The Benefits of ClassDojo

Virtual technology has made it possible for education to improve as kids take virtual field trips. Smart boards have made learning possibilities interactive. There are a lot of things that have changed the way that teachers take on education. Another platform that has been beneficial to communication is the ClassDojo app.

Teachers and parents have the ability to communicate much more efficiently as a result of the ClassDojo app that is available for both Android and iPhone users. This is a ground up change that has given power to a lot of parents that were curious about what is happening in the classroom.

The teachers really are benefiting from this ClassDojo app as well. It brings so many teachers from other schools together for collaborative efforts. This app serves as an open highway to reaching a plethora of teachers that can provide resources for learning and lesson plan ideas. Every teacher has a creative side. When other teachers befriend one another they have the chance to use the app to share ideas.

This ClassDojo app also works well for the large crowds of parents that are going to need a strong line of communication to send messages and communicate with teachers. Many parents work during the hours that their children are in school. It can be difficult to find the time to engage in parent and teacher conferences. The ClassDojo app is the next best thing to actual meetings. Teachers have the ability to give the parents a heads up about any homework assignments or projects that may be coming up. This is great for parents because it gives them the chance to plan their schedules accordingly. Children can often find a way to the very last minute to make mention of a project that may actually be due the very next day. Parents don’t have to worry about getting caught off guard with the ClassDojo app.

This app opens the doors of the classroom through virtual experiences. The app has become a global sensation that is giving parents the chance to see what their children are doing. This is a joyous thing for many parents that are constantly working to provide for their children. For many parents taking off time from work isn’t an option. That is why this communication platform works so well. It feels a void that was missing when it came to parent and teacher communication.
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