Academy of Art University Discusses Disability in Design

The inclusivity of those living with disabilities has been an important topic of discussion as of late and the Academy of Art University is getting involved. While the students at the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University may create beautiful pieces, they aren’t always with the needs of the disabled in mind. Students and other participants were asked to participate in a discussion with a panel of people who have experienced disability first hand.

While fashion designers don’t purposely disclude those with disabilities from their design they sometimes tend to consider their needs. Even simple things like zipper placement can be important to those with mobility issues as they may spend a large portion of the day in a chair. For those using walkers, it can be difficult to wear clothing that requires constant adjustment as they require both hands to be mobile.

For Stephanie Thomas, a 2013 Academy of Art Alumnus, the topic is very close to her heart as she was born missing several toes and a thumb. After being told that she could never dance or properly walk, she became a Chicago Bulls cheerleader and is now an adjunct professor. Additionally, she started her own company that focuses on the fashion needs of the disabled community

The panel was also joined by Chelsea Werner and her mother. Chelsea has Down Syndrome and is also a 4 time Special Olympics champion in gymnastics. She has been featured in an H&M campaign as well as having been a model for NY Fashion Week.

Lisa insisted that it was important that designers started designing with more inclusivity. She has a difficult time finding shoes like high heels in her size due to her size and disability and doesn’t want to be forced to wear clothing designed for children. She does have hope that things will change in the very near future.

Founded in 1929, the Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. It is one of the largest privately owned schools of its kind in the United States. Bi-annually since 2005, the Academy of Art University participates in the New York Fashion Week.

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Rocketship Education: Setting standards For Chartered Schooling

To be able to survive in our world today, you must have skills, knowledge, and techniques in which you learn from having an educational background. Most of the companies need applicants who want to join their group that they must have at least completed schooling or even have attained any degree at least. Sadly, not all children have the chance to go to school because some do not have the financial capability to enroll themselves in the school they wanted to get the education they need. In some cases, some children receive training but do not get it from credible classes or even schools that have high accreditation.

In California, there is a non-profit chain of independent schools, which are which offers quality education to its students. Rocketship Education (RSED) was established by John Danner and Preston Smith in the year 2006. Rocketship Education provides schooling for children who do not have enough funds and capabilities to go to school. Since 2007, there are over 25 public schools that Rocketship Education had been opened due to the help and efforts of organizations in the community, educators, and parents.

On their first year, their primary chartered school, have scored highly in accreditation. Because of this, they had expanded and expanded and started to open their first public school outside of California. From then on, Rocketship Education had gained good reviews and was later on recognized. They are said to be a good alternative for children who cannot afford to school in private schools but still receive the quality of education needed. Their advance and strategic planning of lessons for children and make them ready for the next school year. Rocketship Education also offers pre-school because of the partnership between them and the Apple Tree Institute.

Rocketship Education had created a name in the education industry, especially in the different parts of the United States. They had established high standards in public schooling and had given many opportunities for children who cannot afford to go to school to be able to have the education they need to be able to compete in this world.