How Does Brad Reifler View the Upcoming Election’s Impact on the Economy?

Brad Reifler is a hedge fund manager, investment advisor, and entrepreneur who is well known in all segments of the financial world as the founder of Forefront Income Trust, Pali Capital, and Forefront Group. He is also a financial article writer who wrote a piece that was published recently in the Huffington Post called “How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future”.

In the article, Brad Reifler chronicles the questions that many Americans are asking every day, namely how this very unusual down and dirty presidential race will affect everyone’s livelihood. The first subject that he delves into is tax reform.

As we all probably know, both candidates are promising to simplify the tax code. Clinton, however, appears to be aiming only at tax reform for taxpayers who earn more than $1 million annually. Trump wants to simplify taxes via a plan to condense existing tax brackets, turning them into only a few basic income levels while also making tax calculations simpler.

Both candidates promise some type of tax reform for small businesses, but neither is actually getting very specific in that area. They are both also promising changes related to child care and estate taxes. And, who actually ends up winning could have a substantial effect on numerous basic areas of our economy.

Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital have a goal of closing the economic gap between elite investors and non-accredited investors. To that end, Forefront Income Trust’s latest endeavor is catering to the non-accredited investors and revealing the long-kept secrets of the one percenters. According to Brad Reifler, their focus had been on only accredited investors making $200,000 annually or with a $1,000,000 plus net worth that excludes their primary residence. But now they are focusing more on non-accredited investors and designing a plan just for them.