Whitney Wolfe Stumbles Into Bumble

Anytime a woman finds success in the male-dominated corridors of the tech-world, it is sure to make waves. As the founder and CEO of the dating app Bumble, that is just the response that Whitney Wolfe was hoping for. Her rise to the top has taken a few twists and turns, but, for the Utah native, she has never shied from taking risks.

Whitney Wolfe graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in international studies. Despite what may seem like an inauspicious start, Wolfe hadn’t even graduated before she’d launched two successful business ventures: tote bags to raise money for the Help Us Project, supporting the BP oil spill damage, and a line of clothing, Tender Heart, to raise awareness and funds for human trafficking. It was after graduation, however, that Wolfe made her first big splash in the world of tech.

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She joined Hatch Labs IAC at the age of 22, and it was there that Whitney Wolfe helped found and create the wildly popular dating app, Tinder, even coming up with its tag, now a household name. In 2014, Wolfe abruptly left Tinder, leaving a trail of sexual harassment accusations. The case was eventually settled out of court, but out of that painful experience, Bumble was born.

Feeling burned by her experience with Tinder, Whitney Wolfe initially hoped to create a positive social network for females, but a phone call from Andrey Adreev, founder of the largest dating service on the planet, Badoo, changed everything. With Adreev’s encouragement, Wolfe returned to the world of dating apps, but this time, it would be on her terms.

At the heart of Bumble’s service is an innovation that Whitney Wolfe is very proud of. Bumble shifts the balance of power in the world of dating; women are required to make the first move. The purpose of Bumble is not just to empower women, but Wolfe believes, to also take some of the pressure off men. The entrepreneur wasn’t satisfied to just stop at dating. Bumble has now expanded into a full-blown social network, with Bumble BFF for making friends, and Bumble Bizz for networking and business opportunities.

Amidst all her success, Wolfe managed to find a love match of her own. Shortly after her departure from Tinder, Wolfe married restauranteur and investor, Michael Herd. Perhaps foreshadowing what she was about to create at Bumble, Wolfe was the one to pursue him.


Whitney Wolfe Covered On Papermag.com

The creator of and chief executive officer of dating application, Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, was recently covered by the online publication Papermag.com. Mrs. Wolfe is a relatively young entrepreneur being only 26 years old. Despite this she has already made great contributions to the tech industry by helping to start firms such as Tinder and Bumble.

Upon visiting Whitney Wolfe at Bumble’s headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas, staff from Papermag.com were impressed and surprised by the company headquarters. The office is located 31 floors up from ground level. There were Diptyque candles burning around the entire area and images of bees decorated the offices. This is definitely not your typical corporate office. Greeting the staff from Papermag were six female employees who oversee strategy at Bumble and that report directly to their boss, Whitney Wolfe.

The story of Wolfe and her creation of Bumble is interesting and worth writing about. Wolfe completed her studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. This would later be one of the reasons she would choose to headquarter Bumble in Austin and not New York or San Francisco which are known hubs for the tech industry.

After graduating from SMU, she worked at orphanages abroad in Asia. After she came back she realized that one of the areas that divided the developed world and the undeveloped world today was the gap in technology. Whitney Wolfe then decided to enter the tech world and found work at a startup incubator called Hatch Labs. She managed to create a dating app along with other partners that would be known as Tinder.

After serving as VP of marketing, Wolfe left Tinder because of sexual harassment at the company. She would go on to crate her very own dating app that is called Bumble. This app gives women the power to initiate conversations. Women initiating conversation in dating is often frowned upon, but Bumble makes it the norm. It also greatly reduces complaints and spam for female users with is unique feature of allowing only women to message guys first and not vice versa.

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