Helane Morrison is Now a Fixture in the Corporate World

Corporate officers beware, Helane Morrison is on the lookout for inappropriate business practices. As Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Council of Hall Capital Partners LLC, Morrison has become a prominent figure for the good guys. The world of Finance and ever increasing competition between corporations, nefarious corporate officials looking to take a shortcut to success have been found over and over again. Splashy headlines dot the news, but the real story is the damage to the everyday lives of Americans. Helane Morrison has been one of the staunchest defenders of the law, and among the most aggressive in pursuing wrongdoing.

The Great Recession of 2008 effectively blew out the walls shielding vast corporate corruption and catastrophic risk taking. Friends of mine lost their homes, vast swaths of wealth were wiped away, and perhaps most importantly Americans lost a large amount of trust and pride in the institutions that were supposed to represent the American Dream. Corporations exists to make money, but they also have a duty to shareholders and their employees. In addition, they have a civic responsibility to the country that allows them to exist. I see the same greed and corruption that has caused the country to view the corporate world with such distrust. This is exactly why Helane Morrison is such a monumental figure.

Holding degrees in Journalism and Law, Morrison has the experience to take on the giants of Capitalism. While at the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin in the 90’s, she was made a partner and oversaw the investigation of a number of corrupt traders. Her efforts led to three enforcement actions and made a real statement at the time. Soon after, the government realized what a force she would be on their side and offered her a position at at the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange. Her time there produced some remarkable results. Particularly her exposure of the insurance company American Amicable when they sold false securities to over 50,000 military personnel. Morrison’s work there was also notable for her involvement in protecting senior citizens from fraud. 

Morrison then turned to issues of equality. She noted that there was a lack of female leadership in ranking positions in the world of finance. Hall Capital offered an attractive option to represent her new equality objectives, and to be a part of a unique and very successful environment. Hall Capital’s leadership is composed entirely of women. Along with President Sarah Stein and Co-Chief investment officer Kathryn Hall, Chief Compliance officer Morrison completes the leadership trio. 

Helane Morrison stands a giant of the corporate world, as her illustrious career continues to thrive to this day which you can see in detail here: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=38982933&privcapId=1746886&previousCapId=1746886&previousTitle=Hall%20Capital%20Partners%20LLC