The Life and Contributions of Michael Zomber in Antique Collection

Historical stories and items have proven to be an integral part of progress. Individuals learn from the mistakes, inventions, achievements or research contributions made by individuals who lived in the past. Consequently, there is great need to preserve and protect each historical piece or item since it helps to unravel a certain tale or complete a given historical puzzle.

Michael Zomber is one individual who has dedicated a great part of his life in the preservation of collectibles or antiques. For an excess of forty years, he has been specializing in collecting antique armor and arms. He has made an appearance on the History Channel, in particular, the series of Tales of the Gun in the recent past. The series consists the Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Famous, Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Orient, and Shotguns.

Zomber’s Publications

Apart from being a professional collector of antique guns, he has managed to release several publications through his storytelling talent. Soul of the Samurai is one of his novels that is set in Japan’s 17th Century. Other books include Sweet Betsy, Shogun Iemitsu, Son of Kentucky, and Park Avenue, which is an exhilarating examination of the world of auction and art. Further, he has also managed to write various screenplays.  All of Zomber’s books can be found through Amazon.

Renascent Films

Zomber also possesses talent in filmmaking. In 1998, Zomber and his wife created the Renascent Films. The Renascent Films has aided other producers with both funding and technical support for their independent projects. In addition, it has played an active role in the creation and production of various films including the Deep Sea Diving, Soul of the Samaria and La Cucaracha. The La Cucaracha film was released in 1999 and featured Victor Rivers, Eric Roberts, and Joakim de Almeida. It gained popularity among many critics and went ahead to win the best picture category award at the Austin Film Festival.

Philanthropic Effort

Both Michael and his wife Andre are philanthropists who support certain organization on the basis that their values compliment those of the organizations such as love and peaceful resolution of conflict. The Amnesty International, Global Exchange, UNICEF, The Smile Train, Doctors Without Borders and Get Lit are the various organizations that receive support from Michael Zomber.

Zomber, who was born and brought up by his German immigrant parents, is an alumnus of UCLA where he attained his masters in English Literature. In addition, he has a degree in both Psychology and English Literature. Currently, he is a father of two children and together with his wife reside in the far parts of Philadelphia according to his bio.