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The most successful companies in the world did not start as they appear, they have gone through stages to become successful. Handy is not exceptional, from cleaning chores to supplying commodities in a large population.

Handy is a brand which was formed by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan in the year 2012. Its initial objective was to help clients in cleaning jobs at their homesteads and workplaces. However, it has expanded its operations. It deals with a wide range of home products. The brand is growing very fast due to its strategic position in the internet and the quality home cleaning services it provides to its clients. Handy is convenient to its customers. Clients just go into the handy website, enter their zip codes and the work they want to be done as well as the time they want the chore to be done. After doing all that, they are given a price quote. This saves time as the client does not have to move looking for a maid to perform the home chores.

If something is damaged during work, it pays for it. To avoid such from happening, qualified personnel is employed by the organization.

Handy services are active in more than twenty-eight (28) cities. The brand has expanded in the range of products it provides to its customers. Furniture delivery has also been introduced. Delivery is done when the consumers request on the organization’s website. One can get furniture to decorate his/her bedroom, sitting room or any other place on Handy’s website.

Each brand in the organization has its own delivery network. The company also deals with installation of home appliances like television sets, Boiler Installation, Cabinet Refacing and boulder placement. The price of the services are attached to the service type in the website. This makes it possible for consumers to prepare before making orders.

The company also offers discounts on some installations. This has attracted several people to its services. Another strategy used by the firm to gain consumer trust are the after sales services offered. After sales, services include delivery to home places and free installation of some home appliances bought from the industry. Handy provides a wide range of goods and services from which the consumers make their choice wherever they are from their website.

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Handy Cleaning Services Deserves More Praise

I know that there are a lot of companies out there that have cleaning services, but I believe that a lot of people are sleeping on the fantastic job that Handy Cleaning Services is doing. This company is going all out and doing such a spectacular job with cleaning homes. I think that this company should be getting much more praise because it is getting as many as a million bookings per week. I certainly think that these types of numbers are an indication that the company is doing something right.

I will be the first to say that Handy has not created anything new under the sun. As a customer, however, I can testify to the fact that Handy has certainly made some major improvements since the birth of on-demand cleaning. This is a company that does a lot of different things. When I started doing my spring cleaning I didn’t have to call and book services with anyone but Handy. This company has people in place that can clean. There are others in place that can hold down the fort with furniture assembly. If you are buying new furniture in the spring as you throw out the old furniture you can book Handy to assemble your new furniture. It is quite pleasing to be able to depend on a single site for all of these different things.

Handy is the company that presents cleaning in a way that is different from many other organizations. This is a company that has expanded to so many other areas outside of the United States. There are Handy contractors in Canada. There are people that clean homes for Handy in the United Kingdom. I think that this type of growing global presence can really make a difference in the lives of people around the world. That is why I believe that the company deserves a lot more praise. More people need to know about Handy and the magic that the Handy contractors work on kitchen floors and counter tops. This is a company that has many great employees that do magnificent jobs.

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